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Successful Pregnancy with 1 Mini IVF

Paige, Age 35

PCOS, previously failed 3 IUIs, miscarriages

Lets start at the beginning..2012 – I was 30 years old and diagnosed with PCOs, my periods were becoming irregular...

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Two thumbs up!

YANG, Age 34

Primary infertility for 7 years

My husband and I tried to conceive for over seven years without success. Fortunately enough, we met Dr. Yelian through a...

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Gave birth through Mini IVF

Y.S., Age 42

Primary infertility, 3 failed IUIs

Just a little over two years ago, we were in the same situation as many couples who are struggling to have a baby. We we...

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Pregnant with a boy through 1 Mini IVF

W.R., Age 31

Male factor infertility

My husband I tried to conceive for one year without success. After discovering our infertility issues were due to male f...

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One little miracle through one Natural IVF

V.T., Age 39

Unknown infertility for 5 years

We are so grateful for our journey at Life. Starting the process was scary, not knowing how or what was to become, but o...

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Natural IVF at Life is healthier and easier

V.C., Age 35

Prefer Natural IVF

My husband and I went in for the natural cycle IVF treatment because we wanted to have a baby and everything turned out ...

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Dr. Yelian is a ray of hope

T.W., Age 40+

Turned down from most clinics

Infertility is very hard and especially hard when you are in your forties. Sometimes you can receive such dry and disapp...

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This center makes an effort to use our own eggs!


This center makes an effort to use our own eggs!

Dr. Yelian from Life IVF Center is very sympathetic to the mother's feelings and listens to their concerns. I tried othe...

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Our dream to parenthood finally becomes true


Unexplained Infertility for 6 years, previously failed several traditional IVFs

My wife just graduated from Life IVF last week! I usually don't write reviews. But in this case, I would like to share o...

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Wonderful, exceptional, and compassionate


Wonderful, exceptional, and compassionate

Our experience with Dr. Yelian and his team was wonderful, exceptional, positive and sincere; as a result, we are succes...

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Professional and efficient team, friendly and kind staff

R.O., Age 35

Primary infertility

My husband and I tried to conceive for over a year but had no any success. Luckily we found Life IVF Center. They specia...

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My ultimate dream comes true through Natural IVF

P.A., Age 35

Previously 4 failed IUIs

I am so impressed with Life IVF Center. I first attended a fertility center in San Diego. They were horrible...just out ...

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Success with one try


Previously failed IVF

I felt compelled to write a positive review when I saw many negative ones just based on outcome. Everyone should know it...

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Gave birth through Natural IVF

P.N., Age 35

Blocked fallopian tubes

Six years ago, we conceived our first child naturally. At the time, we didn’t think too much about IVF and we certainl...

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Best IVF center for price and care

N.D., Age 49

Turned away by other clinics at age 44

I have always had good care at Life IVF Center, and I have been going there for over three years. I have had great succe...

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1 IVF with 1 egg and succeeded!

N.A., Age 28

Primary infertility for 5 years

My husband and I struggled with infertility for over 5 years. We were very fortunate to find Dr. Yelian's office based o...

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