Becoming an Egg Donor

Many young women find that egg donation is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience that can change and help an aspiring family come one step closer to achieving their dreams while receiving additional compensation for their contribution.

Donating Eggs with Life IVF

Our leading team of experts specializes in making sure that our egg donors not only get a tailored egg donation treatment plan but also make sure that the egg donation process is safe, simple, smooth and stress free.

Egg Donor Criteria

The following characteristics are typically needed in order to become an egg donor:

The Egg Donation Process

Egg donation is an incredible experience in helping others become parents while being compensated for your time. To meet the highest levels of safety, we’ll conduct thorough screening with medical, fertility, and genetic testing. This not only ensures you’re a suitable candidate, but gives you useful information regarding your own health.


Reimbursement starts at a base of $8,000 and increases with each subsequent donation, with some donors receiving over $40,000 over the course of their donations. Interested in freezing some of your eggs for your own future use?

Want to Learn More?

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor and want to help a family fulfill their dream of having a child through egg donation, please contact our Third Party for further information and eligibility. Please get in touch with or call us at (949)788-1133 (option 5). 

Embryo Donation

Our Donor Embryo program is an affordable alternative for certain couples. This allows patients the opportunity to become pregnant using donated embryos from previously successful patients who wished to help other couples. Because of the demand, there is a waiting list and patients should set up a consultation with our Third Party Reproductive team for further guidance and eligibility.