Low AMH, Local Monitoring from Bay Area

I have been wanting to write this review for a long time. I usually don’t write a reviews, but Life IVF deserves it for above and beyond care and expertise. We had failed multiple IUI/IVF attempts in clinics in Bay area. Running out of options and hopes, we considered going out of Bayarea to LifeIVF. During our first virtual discussion with Dr. Yelian, we were very impressed with fresh view, which I still clearly recollect: “You put just enough fertilizer in soil for a sapling to grow and nourish – too little will not sustain and too much will burn”. This resonated with us because all the reputed centers we went only had standard protocols – high dose meds/injections which would fry my ovaries like strong fertilizer and won’t let the eggs grow making me poor responder to high dose medication. This would leave me physically and mentally exhausted after all the failed cycles, but Dr. Yelian had plan and suggestions, so we thought of giving it a try.

Each body is different and standard protocols may not work for everyone. During our treatment, Dr. Yelian would give minimum dose meds/injections and fine tuned as cycle progress. We decided to take 3 Egg Retrieval cycle package, had an PGS normal embryo in the 1st cycle itself! We were thrilled. At other clinics after 3 attempts of Egg Retrieval we didn’t have a single egg that fertilize and we attempted 6 retrieval cycles and had 100% fertilization rate for all our eggs. This was remarkable embryology skills as we had a male factor as well. The embryology team gets our utmost respect for excellence. Although, out of 6 cycles, in three cycles we couldn’t get blasts, but we still had a chance from our 3 cycles.

With my low AMH, each egg retrieval was precious. I would have just 1 egg each cycle. We would do monitoring locally in Bay Area and get updated recommendations from nurse by afternoon. Yes, we need to be on top to follow up if the results at local monitoring center is late, but Nurse station is so useful, they would follow up immediately and give me plan for the day. Dr. Yelian demonstrated mastery in handling each cycle. We would schedule a personal meet with him after any procedure when we fly/drive over. He would explain patiently and help us manage our expectations (not giving us false hope, but evidence based facts). While we were desperate just to get even one baby, his right questions and patience helped us determining next steps. He even recommended ObGyn Dr. Joy Zhou close to my residence. She is now my favorite Obgyn who also delivered our baby this year.

The nurse station was super quick to respond each time, with timely prescriptions and support. Long distance travel is difficult to plan if you are out of state or not from Irvine, but we had 36hrs notice for egg retrieval cycle and 5 days for the transfer cycle. Dr. Yelian’s comprehensive testing to do ERA and Saline sonogram before transfer cycle also saved us from the anxiety. Although my first PGS normal embryo transfer cycle didn’t work, Dr. Yelian supported us for 18 months before I could do another transfer. In my research, I found the Reproductive immunology might offer some help and Dr. Yelian agreed to have modified treatment for the next transfer. After 18 months of failed transfer and 26 months of original retrieval cycle, but Dr. Yelian was there as a constant support. I would ask many questions about alternatives etc. and each were satisfactorily explained to me. Whenever I requested, nurses would put me in a Dr. call list. Dr. Yelian would call me by evening. The team carefully curated dynamic plan which made all the difference for us.

Through my journey, I learnt that the IVF process itself often gets overwhelming. Adding travel aspect makes it It helps to ask as may questions as possible and get clarifications. It helps to know what to expect from a clinic or a process. With traveling just for a process, knowing this becomes very handy and avoids frustrations. Discussing with those whom you can confide with, who can listen to you and keep on good vibrations and positivity is very helpful. Getting in touch with support groups is also helpful.

We can’t thank the entire LifeIVF team enough. They We full heartedly recommend LifeIVF for anyone considering IVF and for value options. If you have low AMH, definitely consider LifeIVF, earlier the better!Al

Dr Yelian has been a most compassionate doctor I know and I highly recommend Life IVF for anyone who is looking for the hope. Please please give it a try!

K.S., California

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