Sometimes, you’ll need a little extra help.

In some cases, patients may need Donor Sperm, Donated Eggs, or a Gestational Carrier to help achieve their fertility goals. Our experienced fertility specialists and in-house Third-Party Reproductive team will work with you every step of the way as we navigate your journey together.

Overview of Third Party Reproduction

Life IVF Center is excited to offer its patients a full suite of Third Party Reproductive (TPR) services to cover patient needs. The TPR team assists patients with the following:

Donor Sperm

  • Assistance finding and selecting a sperm bank
  • Screening known spermndonors for compliance and donation suitability
  • Coordinating sperm samples from outside sources

Donor Eggs

  • Screening and selecting eggs, donors,or even donor embryos from our donor program
  • Managing fresh or frozen donor egg cycles and fertilization
  • Finding other donor options if needed

Gestational Carriers

  • Managing an in-house gestational carrier search
  • Coordinating with outside agencies if requested regarding gestational carrier requirements
  • Screening and reviewing materials for GCs

Case Administration

  • Offer recommendations for legal and psychological consultation resources
  • Case coordination for all cases involving Third Party Reproduction, outside agencies or parties
  • Managing regulatory and compliance across required testing, medical records, and other needs

Becoming an Egg Donor or
Gestational Carrier

Helping aspiring parents achieve their dreams through Egg Donation or serving as a Gestational Carrier can be an immensely impactful and meaningful decision. At Life IVF Center, we offer programs in place to do both and our TPR team is happy to discuss their respective processes. Click below to learn more.

Becoming an Egg Donor Becoming a Gestational Carrier

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