Working with Donor Sperm

In many cases, donor sperm may be necessary to create an embryo. The donor sperm portion of the IVF process is relatively simple, with some variation based on how the sperm is sourced.

Intro to TPR

Our Third Party Reproductive (TPR) team offers a personalized coordinating team dedicated to helping you build your family. TPR Coordinators help you through every step of the process while organizing information between clinicians, nurses, lawyers, psychologists, and third party reproductive agencies involved.

Finding a Sperm

Within the fertility space, Sperm Donors are classified as Known or Anonymous. There are somewhat different requirements associated with each.

  • Known Donors may be friends, family members, or anyone who has direct contact with the intended parents.
  • Anonymous Donors typically work with sperm banks to assist intended recipients while maintaining anonymity.

Screening Known Donors

Safety for all parties is our top priority at Life IVF Center and we follow strict guidelines to ensure Donors are suitable and eligible to provide a sperm sample for use with our patients. This process has three major phases.

Clearing Anonymous Donors

With an Anonymous Donor whose sample is from an accredited sperm bank, most of this process should have been completed by the sperm bank prior to collecting the sample. Before using the sperm, our TPR team will review their documentation, double-checking their work to ensure the sample is safe and compliant.

Moving Forward with Donor Sperm

Once the donor and sperm have been properly vetted and the sample retrieved, the rest of the process is more straightforward. Learn more about fertilization and the next steps in IVF.

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