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Life IVF Center has an extensive history of helping LGBTQ+ patients from around the world and is proud to serve the community in reaching their family goals. Our team is sensitive to your unique needs, and are well-equipped to assist with broad experience and flexible treatment solutions. We understand the unique challenges LGBTQ+ patients face when building their families, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

A Shifting Landscape
for LGBTQ Parents

As the legal and social climate in much of the world has gradually become more accepting of LGBTQ+ people and relationships, an increasing number of LGBTQ+ couples are planning and creating their families.

What’s needed for a pregnancy?

ART is about helping create healthy embryos using good egg and sperm, then getting them to the right place at the right time

IVF Process Overview:
The Big Picture

What we call IVF can generally be broken down into these four major components

What if we’re missing sperm?

Cases where only sperm is needed tend to have the most flexibility

What if we’re missing eggs?

Egg Donors will need to pass stringent evaluation and tests to ensure
suitability and compliance

What if we’re missing a carrier: Gestational Carriers

Gestational carriers can help carry a pregnancy for those who need assistance

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