Working with a Gestational Carrier (GC)

Working with a gestational carrier in IVF is an effective option for individuals or couples facing fertility challenges, as it allows them to have a biological child without the risks associated with carrying the pregnancy. This method provides a supportive and successful path to parenthood for those who are unable to conceive or safely carry a baby to term.

Intro to TPR

Our Third Party Reproductive (TPR) team offers personalized care coordination to help you build your family. TPR Coordinators help you through every step of the process while organizing information between clinicians, nurses, lawyers, psychologists, and any other parties involved.

Finding a Carrier

Some patients find friends or family members to help them as gestational carriers, which we’re happy to work with. Others may have found a carrier via a gestational carrier agency. If not, our TPR coordinators can assist you with finding a gestational carrier and help guide you through the process.

Doing Our Diligence

The well being of the intended parents, gestational carrier, and any pregnancy to be carried are our top priority. To give all parties the best chance of a safe and successful pregnancy, we use a rigorous evaluation process with three primary components:

Transferring Embryos

Outside of identifying and approving the Gestational Carrier, the rest of the process is largely the same as our typical IVF processes. Once an embryo is created and selected, it will be transferred to the carrier in hopes of a successful pregnancy.