Why Life?

Patients have more choice than ever when it comes to their fertility clinic partner. But not all IVF programs are created equal. Since our founding in 2011, thousands of patients from around the world have entrusted Life IVF Center with one of the most important matters of their lives. Here’s why:

The Power of Precision

Traditional IVF has involved using potentially dangerous doses of expensive hormonal drugs and one-size-fits-all treatment protocols, even going so far as to use birth control to modify your ovulation cycle into “batches” with other patients just for the convenience of the doctor.

Life IVF Center was built on a radical new approach to fertility called Precision IVF®. By listening to your fertility goals, reviewing your medical history, and monitoring your body’s progress, our physicians create custom-tailored treatment plans for each patient. This lets us slash the use of hormonal medications, which reduces side effects and saves thousands, all while achieving industry-leading success rates.

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Care Within Reach

One of the founding principles of Life IVF Center is that fertility treatment must be more accessible, and we have made strides towards that goal by offering highly-effective IVF treatment at affordable prices. Many travel to Life IVF Center from around the world for cutting-edge care at rates more accessible than what they are able to find locally, even factoring in the costs of travel.

With fair and transparent pricing, our Precision IVF protocols achieve successful results for our patients with a fraction of the medication as conventional IVF practices use. This translates into substantial savings for our patients, often in the tens of thousands for medication alone.

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Science Done Smarter.

Unlike over 90% of IVF providers, Life IVF Center operates its own state-of-the-art IVF laboratories at its locations under the watch of experienced embryologists and technicians. This gives our team unparalleled control to achieve the best results for our patients.

In addition, we offer a full suite of IVF and reproductive health services including cutting -edge genetic testing and a variety of surgical procedures. With thousands of cases per year, we are constantly learning and improving our care.

Your Success is Our Success

Plain and simple, success matters. A leading success metric is the rate at which transferred genetically normal embryos result in pregnancy. While most clinics hover around the 50-60% range, Life IVF’s advanced protocols and skilled laboratory team are consistently over 75%. Our team is innovating every day to continue driving forward the results we deliver to our patients.

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Treatment as
Unique as You

Most IVF programs worldwide use identical or similar treatment plans for all of their patients. At Life IVF, we take into account your own circumstances, needs, and goals to design the perfect plan custom tailored for you. From family balancing to avoiding needles, our team will work together with you to create the best solution.

Everything You Need.
Nothing You Don’t.

While fertility challenges can be complex enough, many IVF programs often increase the burden with tedious testing, extra monitoring visits, and even requiring birth control to sync patients’ cycles to make their schedules easier. Instead, Life IVF streamlines the process by trimming the unnecessary while still providing the comprehensive care our patients need and deserve.

Taking on the Challenges Together

While we love to help every patient we can, we take special pride in our record of success with patients with difficult journeys, including many who have failed or been turned away at other centers. Many IVF clinics avoid challenging cases or older patients to inflate their success rates. Life IVF believes each patient deserves a fair chance and will work together with you while keeping realistic expectations.


Life IVF has been changing the lives of thousands around the world for over ten years. Read more about some of the pivotal moments in our clinic history.

  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2017
  • 2015
  • 2018
  • 2010: The Founding of Life IVF Center

    Life IVF Center was founded to provide advanced fertility treatment options that blended cutting-edge personalized treatment plans, lowered usage of fertility medications, and an emphasis on care accessibility. Since then, we have remained committed to our mission of providing patients from around the world with the resources and support needed for successful treatment.
  • 2012: The First Precision IVF® Case

    In a radical departure from conventional high-dose IVF protocols, 2012 saw the world’s first instance of a true high-precision IVF case. Exactly one egg was retrieved from a patient, fertilized via ICSI which was cultured to an embryo, tested as euploid with genetic testing, and transferred for the delivery of a healthy baby girl!
  • 2017: Arcadia Location Opens

    To better serve Life IVF’s growing patient base, 2017 marked the establishment of our Arcadia location. Located at the base of the San Gabriel mountains, the Arcadia location is a cutting-edge center featuring in-house laboratory and conveniently offers a full suite of fertility services.
  • 2015: Life IVF Center’s 1st Baby Reunion

    We are grateful to be part of such a momentous occasion – our very first LIC Baby Reunion! It was wonderful to bring former patients and their families back together again, celebrating the success they have achieved through Life IVF Center.
  • 2018: Life IVF Center’s 2nd Baby Reunion

    We’re thrilled to mark our 8th Year Anniversary, and we want to share the excitement by inviting LIC graduates to rejoice in their accomplishments and the unparalleled happiness of adding new life to the world. Our cowboy and cowgirl-themed reunion was a smashing hit, with families engaging in a delightful range of fun games and [...]

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