Pre-IVF Testing

Before starting any kind of fertility treatment, there are a range of requirements that must be met to safely and securely begin. While it’s typically easiest to do them at Life IVF, some patients may have tests completed elsewhere or through their insurance.

Select Pre-IVF items we strongly recommend you complete here

Infectious Disease (ID) Panel

FDA-required blood panels to test both partners for certain infectious diseases and guide treatment:

Female: $750 | Male: $550

Sperm Count

Pre-IVF estimate of sperm concentration and quality and to ensure viability for fertilization


Pap Smear

Test for HPV, pre-cancerous cells, and cervical cancer that would affect treatment


Other Pre-IVF Items

These are additional items to complete prior to IVF Treatment depending on patient concerns, previous medical history, and individual / family risk factors


Pre-Embryo Transfer Tests

These tests are also important but may be performed later – if doing, they must be completed before the Embryo Transfer cycle but may be done after Egg Retrieval; however, many do them earlier for convenience


Submitting Medical Records

Aside from the required testing, another part of Pre-IVF is ensuring the Life IVF team has a complete picture of your medical history, which may include submitting records of services performed elsewhere. Learn about how to ensure your medical records are valid and smoothly accepted by clicking below.

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