Turned Away Elsewhere Due to High FSH, Healthy Baby Girl

I was referred to Dr Yelian after I was turned away from several Bay Area clinics due to being a potential “poor responder.” Dr Yelian was up for the challenge and was honest about my challenges while being optimistic about the outcome if I followed his recommendations. My FSH numbers were so high that it took a few cycles for Dr Yelian to get my body responding but he never gave up. We did 3 retrievals in 2017 and only produced 2 embryos. We did not know what to expect but we were blessed with a baby girl in June 2018. We thought we were done with our one miracle but we had one frozen embryo left. In 2020 we decided to transfer it but did not have high expectations. My uterine lining was very thin so we almost did not transfer but Dr Yelian stepped in and once again worked his magic. The transfer worked, and we delivered our second healthy baby girl in 2021. The fact that my hormone numbers were so awful and we still had two healthy babies is nothing short of a miracle. Our fertility journey was a decade long but it was worth every step we had to take. We are forever grateful that Dr Yelian provides opportunities for patients who other doctors have to turn away. 

R.M., California

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