Treatment Packages at Life IVF Center

To make a potentially complex process simple to understand, Life IVF Center has pioneered the use of easy-to-use treatment packages that include most of the key components needed for successful treatment.

Transparency in everything we do.

We always work to be honest, whether it’s with prices or treatment plans.

If comparing pricing, be sure to note what’s included to get an accurate picture – many programs touting their prices often conveniently leave out thousands in medication or testing!

Current Package Specials

Note: Packages are for patients using their own eggs and carrying the pregnancy only; donor and surrogacy patients are not eligible

Cycles Included:
Life IVF Center A La Carte
Promotional Package Price
  • Egg Retrieval$4,950
  • Cycle Monitoring$950
  • Medication~$1,500
  • PGT-A~$4,000
  • Embryo Transfer$2,950
  • Total Value$14,350
Up to 3X
  • Egg Retrievals$14,850
  • Cycle Monitoring$2,850
  • Medication~$4,500
  • PGT-A~$8,000
  • Embryo Transfer$8,850
  • Total ValueUp to $39,050

Each Treatment Cycle Includes:

Life IVF Center is proud to offer convenient, easy-to-understand treatment packages that cover the core aspects of fertility treatment for most patients

Package Considerations:
Clarifying Costs

While our treatment packages are meant to make things easy for patients, here are some situations that have caused confusion regarding what is and is not included

Outside Monitoring (OSM)

To improve access for patients living farther away or even overseas, we’re pleased to offer Outside Monitoring coordination bundled in our packages at a reduced cost

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