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No matter your circumstances, fertility treatment can be tough. But for those who persevere and reach their desired outcome, the results are nothing short of life changing.

Among the thousands we’ve helped over the years, these patients decided to share their stories on video to help break the silence around the challenges so many face. We hope they bring you hope and encouragement, just as they inspire us to continue to work for our patients every day.

LIC Success Story – Rachel (Unknown Infertility-Prefer Natural IVF)

Rachel suffered from unknown infertility for 6 years and tried everything to conceive. With one round of Mini IVF at Life IVF Center, she successfully got pregnant and gave birth to one healthy boy in 2017!

LIC Success Story – Carol (1 mini IVF, 5 4AA Embryos, 2 Babies)

Suffering from infertility for years, Carol did just one cycle of Minimal Stimulation IVF, and her outcome wowed everyone including herself. “It’s not commonly seen in our practice,” said Dr. Yelian, LIC Medical Director.

LIC Success Story – Grace & Nick (Blocked Fallopian Tubes at 40)

Is the more stimulation medication, the better? Let Grace, the professional pharmacist and mother of two, tell you why she prefers Minimal Stimulation IVF to conventional IVF.

LIC Success Story – Angela (Natural Cycle IVF)

Angela has been a 4th-grade teacher for 14 years and loves her job. However, her ultimate dream was to become a mommy, and Mr. Right was not there. So she approached the affordable Natural Cycle IVF and is now a happy mom of a beautiful baby girl.

LIC Success Story – Larkin (Minimal Stimulation IVF)

What’s your success rate of getting a normal embryo? At age 45, Larkin chose to use the minimum amount of mediation, Mini IVF, and successfully got her beautiful baby boy.

LIC Success Story – Michelle (Fear of Needles, Preferred Natural IVF)

Having a phobia of needles, Michelle Smith, a newborn specialist, approached Natural Cycle IVF at Life IVF Center. With three rounds of egg retrieval, she made two blastocysts. After the first embryo transfer, she successfully got pregnant, and her baby boy was born days before Mother’s Day in 2018.

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