Low Ovarian Reserve, Hope, 4AA, Pregnant Because of Low Medications

We decided it was time for some serious help and we did 3 IUIs at another clinic. During this time, they gave me the maximum dose of injections and I was a poor responder and only made 1 follicle. I was 38 years old. AMH .14/FSH 7-21. I asked the doctor what would be the next steps and they said that because I was a poor responder and had low ovarian reserve, it was best for me NOT to do IVF and go straight into donor eggs. I was devastated! It was not what I expected to hear and it took some time to process this. I knew in my heart, I was not ready to give up on making our own biological child and decided to do a ton of research.

Somehow I found LIFE IVF CENTER and it was the first time I felt hope again. They seemed to cater to women who were similar to my issues. Who were older, had less amount of eggs, and who probably did not respond well to injections. I read all their success stories and went to their seminar/consultation, and decided that this was my last chance at creating our biological child.

Each cycle I only made 1 follicle with or without medications. This was my normal. First cycle, I made one 4BB blastocyst. Second cycle, did not produce a blastocyst. Third cycle, started off really bad. I had ZERO follicles. I never had zero before and was crushed. It took over a week for one follicle to finally pop out! And a few days later, it had stopped growing! Dr. Yelian advised me that we should retrieve it even though it was so small in size at just 13mm. I cried and wanted to cancel the cycle and start a fresh one but after more discussions, I reluctantly agreed to retrieve the tiny follicle that stopped growing. I was not a doctor and I had to trust his opinion even if I was so scared that it would fail. But to my surprise, that tiny follicle made it to day 5 blastocyst and was graded a 4AA!

We had our 2 blastocysts PGS tested and only one came back normal and it was the 4AA! It was from the cycle I wanted to cancel. I was shocked to say the least but over the moon happy that we made one normal blastocyst.

We transferred shortly after and gave birth in October 2019.

This clinic creates miracles and I firmly trust and believe that they are wonderful at their job. Dr. Yelian and his staff is a well oil-ed machine and they know what they are doing and they are doing their best to create miracles for everyone.

I love how every person may get a different protocol and every cycle the protocols change depending on how well your body is responding. Our bodies react differently month to month and having protocols that cater to you is super important. Other clinics just give you a semi standard calendar with all your meds for those weeks. I don’t like that it’s not catered to you and how you respond from a day to day basis.

Dr. Yelian and his staff truly cares and really does want it to work out for everyone. I firmly believe the reason I am pregnant is because of the use of less medications. I feel like it helped with the quality. I was less stressed and felt less weird because I had less medications going through my body.

I am ever so grateful to this clinic for helping my husband and I create our daughter. I almost ran out of hope and this clinic gave me hope again!

S.A., California

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