Becoming a Gestational Carrier

Serving as a gestational carrier can be a deeply fulfilling experience, helping an individual or couple in making their dreams come true by giving the gift of parenthood.

Your decision to help others will not only provide them an opportunity to complete their family, but also allow you to receive compensation for your effort. Our experts are here to guide you through the process of becoming a carrier while using much less medication and reducing the impact on your body.

Eligibility Requirements

To ensure the highest level of safety and suitability for all parties involved, there are a number of important tests and evaluations any prospective carrier must complete successfully. These are some of the core criteria:

The Gestational Carrier Process:

To meet the highest levels of safety and compliance, you will undergo thorough screening including medical, fertility, and genetic testing in addition to psychological evaluation in a process that can take a few weeks to complete properly.

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