The Embryo Transfer

This is the step where the created embryo is finally transferred back to the body in hopes of achieving pregnancy. We’ll explain a little below about what you should expect for this exciting process!

Before the Embryo Transfer

At the baseline (first) monitoring appointment of the cycle, you’ll decide which embryo to transfer. Life IVF generally transfers one embryo at a time for patient safety.

If interested in transferring two embryos or an embryos with certain test results, you’ll need to consult with the physician to discuss the choice and sign certain documents. You should also ensure you’ve completed all consent forms.

Day of the Transfer

The day of your visit, remember not to use any perfume, scented lotion, or other products as fragrances can be very harmful to embryos. You will receive specific instructions about what medication to skip for the day and what medication to bring to the office for your visit.

The Transfer Procedure

Try to arrive for the procedure 30 minutes before your scheduled time!

Once you’re called in, the procedure itself is quick and doesn’t require sedation. Afterwards, you’ll generally take ~10 minutes to relax before being ready to head home. You’ll receive specific instructions on your medication regimen for supporting and maintaining your body in the process.

Rest and Recovery

Just relax, stay positive, and find time to have some fun!

Anecdotally, we’ve definitely seen patients positive throughout the process finding more success than those who’ve been too stressed or self-critical. In the short term, avoid any strenuous activity that may increase your heart rate, as well as alcohol, smoking, spa/sauna, or sexual interecourse.

Make sure to continue using medication as recommended by the team.

What’s Next?

Five days after the Embryo Transfer will be your first progesterone check, and four days thereafter will be your first pregnancy check followed by another confirmation one just a couple days later. With luck that moves you into the final step of the process:

OB Monitoring & Graduation

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