OB Monitoring & Graduation

Once your Embryo Transfer is complete, the first pregnancy check happens nine days later with a second one two days after that for confirmation. After a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, we hope to share some good news! But the process isn’t complete just yet – we still need to work together to monitor and support your growing pregnancy with the special care it needs. At Life, we’d like to see you regularly until you’re 10 weeks along, after which, you will graduate to working with your regular OBGYN.

OB Monitoring Visits

Similar to the Cycle Monitoring from the Egg Retrieval and Transfers, pregnant patients will have monitoring visits to track the pregnancy’s progress including hormone checks and ultrasounds.

Medication for the Pregnancy

Given the special circumstances of IVF pregnancies, we’ll prescribe medications to provide extra support. These medications often include Progesterone, Estrace, and Endometrin; your physician will provide more detail. Note that these medications are not part of treatment packages.

The Big Graduation

Once you make it to ten weeks of your pregnancy, you will have successfully graduated from our care! After this point, the rest of the pregnancy continues the same as a non-IVF pregnancy. Though you will be seen by your regular OBGYN for all remaining care, we are always here for you during your pregnancy!

Graduating from Life IVF

  • We’ll send a congratulation email with your last treatment plan
  • You’ll usually stop medication at ~10 weeks
  • The doctor will call with congratulations and instructions and advice for the rest of the pregnancy
  • We’ll release medical records to you directly to share with your OB/GYN Doctor
  • Picture with gown and cap and a sign at their graduation day 
  • We’ll check in on you with a call during your pregnancy and after your due date

Pregnancy and Beyond

We are always here for you and our care doesn’t stop just because you are no longer coming in. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or just to update us on how you and your baby are doing! We always love to hear from our patients. Best of luck to you and your new family!