The Egg Retrieval

Deciding on a clinic to partner with for your fertility journey can be complex and confusing for many, so we’ve designed a straightforward process for you to learn more about your own fertility needs and how our program can help with a few simple steps.

Sedation Options

Most Life IVF patients opt not to use sedation and prefer OTC medication. However, sedation is available for those interested, just let us know your choice at least 2 weeks in advance so we can make arrangements and note our IV sedation COVID policy. Make sure to arrange a ride from the clinic if using sedation!

Sperm for Fertilization

If a male partner is contributing sperm, they will need to be present at the visit to provide their sperm sample. If that isn’t possible, they will need to notify the team well in advance to freeze their sperm. They also must remember to bring a valid government ID when providing sperm.

Before the Egg Retrieval

The clinic will inform you about how your medications may be affected by treatment, particularly blood thinners. Avoid intense activity before your visit and make sure you have all medications on hand in case pharmacies are missing items later. Lastly, do not to use any perfume or scented products as fragrance can be harmful to eggs and embryos.

The Retrieval Procedure

Try to check in at the clinic 30 minutes before your procedure so you can be prepped and ready without any extra stress from traffic or running late. Once you’re called, the actual procedure is quite quick with only one to two minutes per egg. The medical team will use an ultrasound probe and special type of catheter to find and collect the egg.

Wrapping Up the Visit

After the procedure, you’ll be taken to our recovery room to relax. There, the team will check your vitals and provide a heating pad if requested for discomfort. Later, the physician will visit to report your results, discuss the plan moving forward, and answer questions you may have before you pick up any needed medication and head home.

Rest and Recovery

Just relax, stay positive, and find time to have some fun! We’ve found that patients who stay positive through the process often find more success than those who are overly stressed or self-critical. In the short term, avoid activities that may increase your heart rate, as well as alcohol, smoking, spa/sauna, or sex. Make sure to continue using the medication as recommended by the team.

Fertilization and Culturing

At this stage, IVF Lab combines the eggs and sperm to produce superior-quality, carefully nurtured embryos to their full potential. Fertilization and culturing are critical steps in the journey toward a successful pregnancy, and our team is dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes for our patients. Trust us to provide exceptional care and support throughout this crucial phase of your fertility treatment.

Fertilization and Culturing