Monitoring Visits:
Fine-Tuning Your Cycle

Over the course of your cycle, the Life IVF team will work with you to monitor your progress and adjust your plan to your body

Drawing Blood

Your first tests during monitoring are generally with our Hormone Lab. There, we’ll draw your blood to analyze. The samples are processed using advanced equipment on site to determine your hormone levels – a key clue to how your body responds to medications.

Fertility Ultrasound

After your blood draw, you will head to an ultrasound room, with or without a brief wait in between. Ther, a sonographer will evaluate your uterine and ovarian condition, with data that may include the number and size of follicles and endometrial thickness.

Processing and Analyzing Results

Unlike many lab results that require 1-2 days, your test results and treatment plan will generally be available in a few hours. If you cannot wait, please let a nurse so they can make other arrangements. They may contact you by phone or patient portal to inform you regarding next steps.

Treatment Plan

Our team will notify you when your treatment plan is complete. This will factor in all the data from your tests and ultrasound to modify

Based on your treatment plan, our nurses will guide you through “med teach”, instructing you on how to use each medication prescribed in your plan. If you have any questions, our team is always happy to help!

Checkout & Next Appointment

If you don’t have any more questions, just return to the Front Desk to check out and schedule your next visit, whether it’s for another monitoring appointment, a procedure, or ortherwise.

All done!

The Procedures

Once the donor and sperm have been properly vetted and the sample retrieved, the rest of the process is more straightforward. Learn more about fertilization and the next steps in IVF.

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Egg Retrieval Embryo Transfer

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