Becoming a Life IVF Center Patient
Consultation & Evaluation

Getting Started with
Life IVF Center

Deciding on a clinic to partner with for your fertility journey can be complex and confusing for many, so we’ve designed a straightforward process for you to learn more about your own fertility needs and how our program can help with a few simple steps.

The Complimentary Consultation

Though optional, a popular first step for many patients is to schedule a Complimentary Consultation (CC). After scheduling with our easy online tool, a provider will call you by phone during your arranged time window.

The Complimentary Consultation is a quick, no-cost 10-15 minute call with a provider to ask questions regarding your case, suitability for treatment, or Life IVF Center. It can be helpful to get to know our program and ease yourself into starting treatment.

Complimentary Consultation

While providers will do whatever they can to answer questions during the call, they will not be able to provide advice around treatment without more detailed medical history and data, which is where the next step begins:

About The Fertility Evaluation

The Fertility Evaluation (FE) is the gateway to beginning treatment, and many patients start directly at this step. To prepare, you will need to provide our team with a complete medical history as well as recent lab work and ultrasounds that help explain your fertility situation. Without these, our team won’t have enough information to create the best plan for you!

To complete your medical history, you’ll access our Patient Portal where you can enter information, sign forms, and communicate with our team if you continue treatment. Patients who have done fertility testing elsewhere may have the necessary bloodwork (E2, FSH) and ultrasound info, otherwise they can be performed on-site at Life IVF. If you don’t plan to visit us for your FE, you can perform the tests elsewhere and submit the results.

During the actual Fertility Evaluation, a provider will go through your medical history with you, confirm key items, and ask for additional information where necessary. Then, they will explain the treatment process suited to your goals and offer you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Finally, you’ll speak to a physician from our team to recommend an approach for your case and round out your evaluation.

The New Patient Orientation

The New Patient Orientation at Life IVF Center is a session with one of our experienced Patient Coordinators that introduces patients to the overall fertility treatment process. The orientation covers the timeline for treatment, including the diagnostic tests and screening required before treatment can begin.

Patients are informed about the pricing and service options available to them. Overall, the orientation provides patients with a clear understanding of the fertility treatment process, allowing them to make informed decisions and feel supported throughout their journey to parenthood.