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Donor Egg Program

For intended parents

Life IVF Center's Donor Egg program is made available to assist patients who cannot produce their own egg and to facilitate the matching process between egg donors and recipients. In this program, a donor, known or unknown to the patient, willingly undergo egg retrieval and donate eggs (oocytes) to the recipient. Known donor may include a friend, family member, or anyone who has direct contact with the intended recipient. Anonymous donors may come from various donor agencies or Life IVF Center's Egg Bank, to assist recipients while maintaining an anonymous identity. Donor eggs can then be fertilized with sperm from a male partner or from a sperm donor. Embryos will be cultured in our Embryology Lab until Blastocyst stage with intent to establish a pregnancy, in the intended recipients or in a gestational surrogate carrier of their choosing.

Egg (oocyte) donors, known or unknown to the couple, must pass evaluation and testing procedures according the FDA regulations and ASRM guidelines. The egg donor program at Life IVF Center is one of the most successful egg donation programs in the United States. Our Third Party Reproductive (TPR) Department is available to help you understand the entire donor egg process from start to finish and answer any questions. For more information about donor screening and coordination please refer to steps below.

Donor Egg Program: Steps

  1. Schedule an initial consultation with Life IVF Center Medical Director Dr. Frank Yelian in order to review your medical history and schedule testing. Following Initial Consultation with Dr. Yelian, you will meet a coordinator from the Third Party Reproductive (TPR) Department to explain protocol and assist you with the donor selection process.
  2. After selecting your donor a Third Party Reproductive(TPR) Coordinator will coordinate match process and begin screening process. Recipients will be asked to complete a financial consultation to collect donor expense deposit and completing a credit card authorization.
  3. Once the donor has been medically cleared by our medical team, you will be required to complete a legal contract with you donor. Donor will also be required to be psychologically evaluated and counseled before starting her Egg retrieval cycle.
  4. Once all necessary documents have been completed, your donor can begin Egg retrieval cycle. Please refer to our donor timeline for comprehensive cycle details.

Egg Bank

Life IVF Center is proud to present our own Frozen Egg Bank. Using frozen eggs is an excellent and affordable option for many patients who are unable to conceive using their own eggs. It is simple and can be completed in much less time for intended recipients. Using a Donor Agency can be a long and costly process with no promise of available eggs.

Starting at $12,000, intended recipients can purchase donor eggs stored in multiples of 3. Life IVF Center can provide the donor's profiles of the eggs currently available in our egg banking program. If patients find a donor they like, they may purchase the eggs at an affordable price. All eggs are frozen and maintained in our Embryology Lab. Once patients select a donor profile and purchase eggs of Interest a Third Party Reproductive Coordinator will inform the Embryology Lab to thaw donor eggs . Fertilization will include ICSI with sperm designated by intended parents to create embryos. Embryos will be cultured in our Embryology lab until Blastocyst stage with intent to establish a pregnancy in intended parents or a gestational carrier at a later date.

The fee includes ICSI (fertilization), embryo cryopreservation, and embryo storage for one year. Once the eggs are purchased, patients can arrange a time to fertilize the eggs for a fresh or frozen embryo transfer. For patients who want to test the genetics of the embryo or learn the gender of the embryos, PGS testing is available for an additional fee. Patients will need to purchase an embryo transfer procedures if they do not have a package. Please note all fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Donor Sperm

Life IVF Center works with several established cryobanks to help you choose a suitable sperm donor. Sperm banks offer a comprehensive resource for frozen donor sperm. Sperm banks vary in their donor screening processes, but typically provide details regarding infectious disease screening regarding their donors. All cryobank donors and previously medically and psychologically screened. All cryobank donations are anonymous (Anonymous Sperm Donors).

If you choose to your own sperm donor (Known Sperm Donors), your donor is required to medical, psychological, and legal screening in order to become determine eligibility.

Our Third Party Reproductive Department is happy to recommend reputable sperm banks and help you jumpstart the selection process. Once patients have chosen a donor, Life IVF Center will need to complete an A1 form to confirm shipment. Please contact a member of the front desk staff for shipment details.

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