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Seminar Winner Story

08.30.2016 | Category, Testimonials

M. J , 32 years old
Seminar winner in May, 2012, gave live birth of a baby boy in 2013

Bad luck had struck us twice in two years. Both in 2009 and 2010, my worst fear came true. I lost both of my tubes due to ectopic pregnancies. I feared I would never be able to have a baby. Hearing about the Natural cycle IVF gave us hope. The only thing standing in the way of me getting pregnant was the fact that I didn't have any tubes. Natural Cycle IVF was also a great choice for us because I didn't like the idea of having to take fertility drugs as you do with the Conventional IVF.

After 2 years of saving money for IVF treatment, we were pleased when we came across the website for Life IVF Center. We learned that they were going to have a free seminar in San Francisco which happened to be Mother’s Day 2012. By coincidence, that also was my birthday weekend and we were planning on traveling to Disneyland. Needless to say, we changed our plan. We decided to attend the very informative seminar hosted by LIC. Dr. Yelian introduced a wealth of IVF information, and we decided before it was even over that we wanted to go with Dr. Yelian for our IVF treatment.

At the end of the seminar, there was a drawing. To our disbelief, we were selected as the first couple to receive a free Natural Cycle! When they announced my name, I started crying. We were so excited, nervous and happy. It just so happened that Julie was the announcer and there were two other winners, and one of them was Julie too. So there we were “The Three Julies.”

That night, we left for Disneyland. We stopped by a fortunate teller on our way, and got one of those 25-cent cards. The last sentence was, “Anything you do on the 16th will succeed.” I was thinking “OK, that’s weird.” Two days later, I called to make my appointment for my consultation, I asked if there was any Saturday appointments available. To our surprise, they said the next Saturday available was actually June 16th!

My husband was dumbfounded. “What if when we go there, the doctor says ‘You are ready if you want to?’” he said, and that was exactly what happened. We had our consultation a month later and it was my cycle day 9. Dr. Yelian said it was perfect timing for my cycle and we could start if we wanted.

So, we started the following week. It was only four days later that Dr. Yelian said I was ready to trigger for egg retrieval. I made one blastocyst and had fresh embryo transfer. Twelve days later I did the pregnancy test, and it was positive!

In February 2013, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. My son is 3 and half years old now. He is our pride and joy and truly a blessing! I can't thank Dr Yelian and his staff enough for making this possible.

Last September we saved enough money to try again for the second child. Concerned about the time away from work and the cost for travelling, we went to other IVF center in Northern California. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

I felt like we were just like another number to them. During the first egg retrieval, the egg released too fast. So, we went back in the end of December for the second cycle. I was ovulating, and the doctor said they were closed for the New Year and decided to retrieve earlier. I felt it was too soon since my follicles were not big enough. They did it anyway and the eggs were immature. Their policy is once eggs retrieved, the cycle is done. So, I ended it up losing $6,000.

My mother-in-law, who helped us with that IVF cycle, kept saying, “Why didn’t you go back to Dr. Yelian?” So this time around, both my husband and I were thinking that there is no way we are doing this with any doctor other than Dr. Yelian.

Dr. Yelian is really knowledgeable and he is professional. He doesn’t treat you just like you are another number, but as a person. He takes his time with you and asks you if you have questions and he takes the time to answer them. You don’t find many doctors like that, and I trust him 100%.

This time around we are going to do 3 natural cycles and try for twins. Although the biggest challenge of doing IVF for me is taking time away from work and the travel, it’s still worth it for me just to come down here for monitoring. Dr. Yelian and the whole team are wonderful. He and his staff are very pleasant and helpful, they always make me feel at home, even though I am 500 miles away from it.

Compared to a lot of places, the price at LIC is very fair for IVF industry too, especially northern California where the pricing tends to be a lot more.
As a proud LIC graduate, I understand how important it is to remain positive and have faith on this journey. If you need IVF, I suggest going to LIC’s monthly free seminar or its website. You will learn a lot of information from the process.

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