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Infertility Issues

08.30.2016 | Category, Testimonials

L. F. (Mandy), 34 years old
Graduated on Aug. 10, 2016

It wasn't until early last year when I discovered I had infertility issues. I was able to conceive naturally, but unfortunately the baby stopped growing during the 9th week of pregnancy. I was surprised to learn my FSH level was a bit too high for my age, and my husband’s sperm motility was also weak. Almost every doctor I consulted with said that my fertility function had become low, so we decided to pursue IVF.

I initially heard about Life IVF Center (LIC) through a friend who did IVF at LIC and successfully gave birth. Her child is 3 years old now and is very adorable. When I first came to LIC for the initial consultation, I was quite impressed by its well-equipped clinical environment and services, not to mention the fact that it has a lot of patients every day, quite contrary to the other fertility clinic I had visited prior where there was no patients at all.

During the initial consultation, I was stunned when Dr. Yelian said my medical condition was pretty good, despite the fact that my ovarian function appeared weak as other obstetricians told me. His words gave me a lot of hope and confidence.

I was quite delighted when Dr. Yelain recommended minimal stimulation IVF. I researched plenty of IVF information online and learned that conventional IVF uses massive amounts of medications. Although patients can retrieve over 10 or 20 eggs at a time, it also tends to cause ovarian hyper stimulation.

So, I decided to do two cycles of minimal stimulation IVF, using very little medication, and made 3 embryos. After Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) tested, all the embryos were chromosomally normal!

I actually planned to transfer two embryos in hopes of having twins. However, I was told that there is a slight chance that the blastocycst may continue to split into two which will cause multiple gestations. To be on the safe side, I chose to transfer one 4AA frozen embryo, and successfully conceived.

The journey of motherhood indeed is not easy, but it makes a woman stronger and braver. Take me as example, I used to be afraid of needles. But in pursuit of the dream of having a family, I bit my teeth and learned to do injection by myself. Guess what? It’s not as dreadful as I thought, and it’s not painful at all!

I’m very fortunate and blessed to find Life IVF Center. Every staff member here is very friendly and helpful. I especially wanted to thank Lab technician Kevin, who is always patient with me and helped me understand the procedure I was going through.

I am truly grateful not just for the fact that LIC helped me get pregnant, but also many little things they did for me. I remember I vomited terribly after egg retrieval. Dr. Yelian immediately did a blood test for me and the result was normal. As soon as I got home, I received a phone call from Dr. Kao to check on me. Later that evening, Dr. Yelian personally called me again to make sure I was feeling OK, I was so touched. Thank you everyone at LIFE IVF Center!!!!

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