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Wonderful, exceptional, and compassionate


Wonderful, exceptional, and compassionate

Our experience with Dr. Yelian and his team was wonderful, exceptional, positive and sincere; as a result, we are successful today.

Dr. Frank Yelian from Life IVF Center is a very compassionate, sincere, and genuine person who is willing to go the extra mile. The nursing staff is also very compassionate and willing to answer any questions.
I never felt rushed during the process. My husband and I have had other experiences in the past and most seem very financially driven. At this center, they are really concerned, kind, and caring about your experience; it really goes beyond the financial aspect.

This is a very sensitive process and others lack the sensitivity. With IVF we felt its kindness from its nurses to their phlebotomist, everything is very positive, but not in an artificial way. My impression is they really care for you as an individual trying to create a family and it is what brings them apart from other centers. I am 18 weeks pregnant now--travelling almost half a day to the center was worth it--I always felt hopeful and positive.