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Three babies from Life IVF Center

R.T., Age 40

This is my 3rd baby from Life IVF Center (4 pregnancies, one resulted in a late miscarriage). I am so thankful for Dr. Yelian and his staff.

Since I have done 5 egg retrievals and 5 separate embryo transfers, I have been able to get to know Dr. Yelian at a personal level. Not only is he very meticulous with his work, he also spends time to individualize each plan to cater exactly to your needs and specific levels per cycle.

For example, I was on different levels of medication from the first time I saw him in 2010, to the most recent time in 2015 (as I became older). Each time I visit he has updated his technology, has attended new conferences, and is providing me with the most up-to-date plan. I appreciate not only his pricing, I love that he offers mini-stim-IVF for less impact on my body, and also that he gives quality care. Thank you!!!