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A successful pregnancy, a 5-star monitoring

C.C., Age 34

A single mom by choice

First of all I would like to thank Dr. Yelian and all his staffs at the Life IVF clinic for a successful pregnancy and a 5 star monitoring. Like everyone that came to this clinic, I too came to this clinic in hope of a new born in my life. The idea of getting pregnant during this lifetime never crossed my mind until last year when my mother suffered from a heart attack. From that day on, there was numerous talk of having a grandkid would help prolong her life.

Due to the cultural traditions that spans back thousands of years, suddenly the pressure to procreate falls down on my shoulder. You might wonder why would the responsibility fall onto a female. Well, as we all know once a daughter is married she takes on the last name of the husband and therefore the kids will also take on the last name of the husband. Since I am single, therefore I can keep the newborn within the family. It took a lot of persuasion and courage on my part to overcome the pain of giving birth and finally making this decision and as if God knew and He planned for me to hear the advertisement of Life IVF Center on KIIS FM radio.

The moment I heard the advertisement I hesitated and it took me two months before I decided to visit LIC’s website to find out more about it. And it seems everything is going as planned by God, as soon as I entered into the website I saw a seminar will be hosting in one week. I immediately took the opportunity and registered. Sitting in the seminar I was surrounded by all those couples that came to seek help for pregnancy.

During the presentation, the voice of Dr. Yelian gave me hope and I learn so much about how to choose the right clinic. Later I found out from the newspaper on the wall that Dr. Yelian was an opera singer.
After the seminar, I sat and waited patiently in the seminar room for almost 2 hours before I was called in to meet with Dr. Yelian.

Dr. Yelian is very amiable and his voice brings calmness to me. I told Dr. Yelian about my path to IVF and for the first time I broke into tears in front of a stranger that I have only met once. An elder once told me never to cry in front of a stranger because it is embarrassing and it shows weakness. However, I think the reason I burst into tears in front of Dr. Yelian was because I feel I can trust him to help me and he understands what I am going through.

I spoke to Dr. Yelian about my financial hardship and asked if he can suggest to me a treatment plan that will be to the best of my situation. He suggested the mini stimulation IVF, which is to retrieve 5 eggs. At first I thought, why not the natural IVF, if according to the seminar the Dr. mentioned that you only needed one good egg. He was very patient and detailed about why his suggested treatment was better. After the egg retrieval, I am glad I listened to his suggestion, because only 2 out of 5 eggs actually survived the 5 days when being cultured.

It actually took me another two months after the seminar before I decided to officially become a patient at this clinic. I have to say I am so glad I made this choice. Even though there are much closer IVF clinics near where I live, but after much thought I know Life IVF is the most knowledgeable clinic. Most of Dr. Yelian's patients are from out of states and also out of country. I am sure there is a reason behind all these. If he is not knowledgeable enough why so many people come seek for his help?

I know waiting could be tedious at times, but for a clinic with so many patients everyone is waiting. I don't mind waiting because I know when I am being treated for blood work or ultrasound, someone else is also waiting patiently outside.

The staff at this clinic is very nice and they always ask how my day was and they even remember my name. I especially like my weekly ultrasound after the transfer. It is like bonding time with my baby. If I can, I can look at the ultrasound all day. Seeing the baby kicking and moving around inside always brings a smile to my face.

Today, I graduated from my 10 weeks. I got to say, it sure is a long process, but it is totally worth it.
Thanks to Dr. Yelian and all the staff members at the Life IVF center for all the time spending monitoring and providing me the detailed treatment plans on time, and especially for the support during the whole IVF process and making the motherhood a reality for me.