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Successful pregnancy in 4 months


Successful pregnancy in 4 months

Dr. Frank Yelian is Amazing. My first appointment was in January 2017 and confirmation of pregnancy was in April. 

Within just 4 short months I was pregnant with only one embryo transfer procedure. Frank provided me with a "NATURAL IVF process". Baby now is 6 weeks and has a heartbeat. The employees are always so kind and friendly. Getting to know them has been such a great experience and they genuinely care about me and ask me how I'm feeling- every time! Frank is always smiling and is in a genuinely good mood with a positive attitude. 

I would definitely recommend Life IVF Center to anyone trying to conceive a baby. I wish you ALL the best of luck in this process and you should know if you choose Life IVF Center to assist you in your Journey- you WON’T regret it. Love you guys