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Success with one try


Previously failed IVF

I felt compelled to write a positive review when I saw many negative ones just based on outcome. Everyone should know it is not cheap to have IVF done, but scientifically it was proven to have much better success rate when tried on your own. My wife was a medical researcher, she did research based on Dr. Yelian's reported success rate. We tried some doctors before without success, the nurse in the previous doctor did not follow up procedure. Like monitoring blood level on weekly basis and have medication if things did not go correct.

Here we tried once, it was a success. So we really thank Dr. Yelian and his staff for his expertise and responsibility to all his patients.

As for the money, fortunately my insurance cover some of the expense, but you know it is a pain to deal with insurance company. I found out the insurance premium I paid every year was much higher than the insurance benefits we used. They paid very little to Dr. The billing department did a pretty good job to file insurance on behalf of us, we also need to follow up with calls to insurance company to have things straightened out several times. So if you plan carefully, maximize flexible spending account each year. It can save you some money.

Again I felt it is unjustifiable to give poor review just based on outcome. You should be responsible to look the numbers/success rate and make your decision.