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Succeeded in having a miracle boy through Mini IVF

K.H., Age 43

Previously failed 4 Conventional IVFs and 1 miscarriage, was told to use donor eggs

At 43 years old after 4 rounds of conventional IVF, 1 miscarriage, and no PGS normal embryos left, we were told to look to donor eggs. A friend had mentioned Life IVF to us and since it was less expensive than conventional IVF and seemed to make sense scientifically, we decided to give it one last shot with my own eggs.

We committed to 6 rounds of low stim IVF while banking them to PGS test one final time. We lucked out and got one male normal embryo. With a combination of luck from Above and scientific talent, that embryo took and we have our miracle son today.

I credit Dr. Yelian and the Life IVF lab for combining the care, the expertise, and the hope which resulted in our beautiful son. No words can express how grateful I am and I'm so thankful for not giving up. It can happen.