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Professional and efficient team, friendly and kind staff

R.O., Age 35

Primary infertility

My husband and I tried to conceive for over a year but had no any success. Luckily we found Life IVF Center. They specialize in natural cycle and minimal stimulation IVF just as Kato Ladies Clinic. KLC is one of the largest IVF centers in Japan, also known for “the last resort of infertility treatment.”

Before coming to Life, we had already heard of its good reputation and I was quite intrigued by its high pregnancy rate. We proceeded with 3 rounds of minimal stimulation IVF, retrieved 28 follicles and made 5 normal embryos after pre-implementation genetic screening.

The process was quite challenging physically and mentally. First I had to inject myself with ovarian stimulation drugs. Secondly, the egg retrieval procedure was painful without any sedation since I had quite a lot of follicles. And I even appeared mild symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) after the second cycle. It lasted about a week.

After going through egg retrieval cycles, I was quite disappointed in the result that there were more bad embryos than the good ones, and it’s even worse to see them get discarded. However, later I just realized that it’s actually a blessing to be able to make 5 normal embryos for someone at my age.

Soon we did embryo transfer, implanting a 4 AB embryo. The procedure was easier and faster than egg retrieval. I was nervous yet excited to experience the changes of my body after the transfer. Nine days later I had pregnancy test for the first time. It was positive! Two days after, my BHCG level doubled the number. The pregnancy occurred!

In Japan, a lot of infertility clinics use the traditional protocol called “step up” treatment. Patients need to go through IUIs and IVF before they can actually do IVF with ICSI. It’s a very stressful process both emotionally and financially.

At Life IVF Center, on the other hand, I was able to directly start IVF with ICSI and got pregnant within few months. We came to LIC’s free seminar in Feb, 2017, didn’t start the first egg retrieval until May. And now I am happily graduating with 10-week pregnancy. I’m quite impressed by how fast it happened. Furthermore, I have a few more embryos stored so that I can come back for the second child in the future.

The medical team led by Dr. Yelian is very professional and efficient. Every time when I came to Life IVF for regular monitoring, I would receive the update treatment plan through email on the same day. It’s very easy to follow. Also, they always responded promptly whenever I had questions.

All the staff members here were extremely friendly and kind. During the egg retrieval procedures, doctors would comfort me and nurses would hold my hands when I got nervous. Without using any sedation, I was completely awake to experience how my follicles got retrieved and how fascinating the embryo got transferred into my body. Also when we were here for weekly routine checkups during pregnancy, my husband was able to be with me, making me feel that we were hand in hand together to reach our goal on this journey.