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Pregnant with her own egg and delivered a boy

E.M., Age 39

Low AMH, previously 4 failed IUIs, less than 5% of chance to have a baby with her own eggs

I was told by 2 fertility clinics at age 35/36 that my chances of having a baby with my own eggs were less than 5%.

The first clinic I went to originally said I was perfectly fine and had advised that I do IUI's. After my 4th unsuccessful IUI they decided to test my AMH which came back at O.08. They told me that based on my AMH they wouldn't even attempt to allow me to do IVF and that my only option was donor eggs. I was devastated!

I decided to go to another fertility clinic to get a second opinion which of course they said the same thing except they were willing to try IVF but first they also wanted to try IUI's with stims. Of course my IUI's were unsuccessful and we decided it was time to try IVF. The fertility clinic recommended I do the highest stims which cost me $5000 and I still was only able to get 2 follicles to grow. They both grew to 18mm but when I went in for retrieval they were empty. Again I was devastated!! I was told again that donor eggs were my best bet and most likely my only chance of having another baby.

I decided to take break and consider donor egg but I just couldn't fully embrace it. I started researching places that had experience with Low ovarian reserve and found Life IVF Center. I had read about a few fertility clinics in forums and chat rooms that provided mini IVF or natural. It made sense to me that for someone like me who couldn't get more than one or two follicles to grow would be better suited for me.

At this point I knew it was truly a long shot but I decided to fly from Seattle to Irvine to see Dr. Yelian. Dr. Yelian provided some real life examples of women my age with my now undetectable AMH and my high FSH. I was thrilled that Dr. Yelian said he thought I could get pregnant again.

It took a little over a year to get my BFP but it was worth it! I got pregnant with my 3rd last and final FET a month after my 39th birthday. I am now writing this as my 3 month old is sleeping next to me. I only wish I would have found Life IVF sooner!! I am forever grateful to Dr. Yelian and team. Thank you for taking me as your patient and for helping me complete my family.