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Pregnant with a boy through 1 Mini IVF

WR, Age 31

Our Success with Male Factor Infertility

My husband I tried to conceive for one year without success. After discovering our infertility issues were due to male factor, we decided to pursue IVF right away. It took only one cycle at Life IVF Center and we were pregnant with a boy! We can’t imagine how much longer we would've had to continue to try if we had not found Dr. Yelian. Worse yet, we might have missed out on the golden chance for fertility.

Our first attempt at IVF was at a fertility clinic in Los Angeles, but they only offered conventional IVF which required a lot of medications and injections and the starting cost was $25,000. So we kept searching. We came across a picture of Dr. Yelian on the internet whose bright smile gave us an overwhelming sense of trust. Upon meeting Dr. Yelian in person, we further felt that we could completely count on him, especially after assuring us that our success rate would be 70-80%.

LIC offers a variety of IVF packages and the cost is at least 30% less than many other fertility clinics. We decided to proceed with one cycle of minimal stimulation IVF. I was instructed to take only half tablet of Clomid a day along with a couple of injections. We retrieved 5 eggs and made two blastocysts, 4AA and 4AB.

Considering genetic quality and in hopes to reduce the risk of Down Syndrome, we did Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) for our embryo prior to transfer. We were glad we did, the results showed that the 4AB embryo was normal while the better graded 4AA blastocyst was found to be chromosomally abnormal. Dr. Yelian said if we had chosen 4AA, we may not have been able to get pregnant or it may have resulted in a miscarriage.

I personally had a chance to witness and experience LIC’s excellence and efficiency. I was surprised to learn the success of minimal stimulation IVF is very high at LIC. Aside from Dr. Yelian, every staff member at LIC was very nice and friendly. I remember being so nervous and feeling pain during my egg retrieval. One nurse quickly came and gently put her hands on my belly, suddenly easing my discomfort.

All in all, we are very satisfied with everything we were offered at LIC. The service is overall very pleasing and the cost is reasonable. To top it off LIC provides one-stop service. Everything you need is on site.

We truly feel Life IVF Center is dedicated to bring hope to many people who have trouble conceiving and help them make their dream come true. We strongly recommend LIC. My husband even said that no matter how far you live, if you need IVF, LIC is definitely the place worth going to.