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A healthy baby after first try with Dr. Yelian


Previously failed IUI

We were skeptical about IVF. But now we have a healthy baby after first try with Dr. Yelian. We tried another doctor ...

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Pregnant with her own egg and delivered a boy

E.M., Age 39

Low AMH, previously 4 failed IUIs, less than 5% of chance to have a baby with her own eggs

I was told by 2 fertility clinics at age 35/36 that my chances of having a baby with my own eggs were less than 5%. T...

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Natural IVF: one egg, one embryo, one miracle baby!

E.F., Age 38

Diminished ovarian reserve at 32

We were told years ago that we would likely never have biological children by one of the most renowned IVF specialists i...

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Give birth with two tries of Natural IVF

D.S.W., Age 41

DOR, high FSH level, low AMH and follicle counts

My wife, at 41 years old, had diminished ovarian reserve, high FSH levels, low AMH, and very few follicles. Other facili...

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One baby on first try with Mini IVF

B.C., Age 30

PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis, lower sperm count

I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). My husband had a lower than average sperm count. W...

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One baby and conceived again via Natural IVF

A.M., Age 36

Previously failed Conventional IVF

If you want to have a healthy baby quickly, this is the place to go! Doctor Yelian is a very nice and caring gentleman. ...

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5-Stars for the successful results

A.C., Age 42

5-Stars for the successful results

At the age of 42, I was reaching the end of my fertility journey. I had already gone through 12 unsuccessful attempts at...

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We made first normal D5 embryos through Mini IVF


Previously failed Conventional IVFs, poor embryo quality

My husband and I came to see Dr. Yelian early this year as a last resort after having failed conventional IVF's in the p...

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Gave birth with extremely low ovarian reserve

E.M., Age 37

Rejected by other clinics and told to have less than 1% chance of having babies with own eggs

I do not typically write reviews but I feel I must write this one. I want others to hold on to a bit of hope knowing tha...

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Three babies from Life IVF Center

R.T., Age 40

This is my 3rd baby from Life IVF Center (4 pregnancies, one resulted in a late miscarriage). I am so thankful for Dr. Y...

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Making parenthood possible through surrogacy IVF

I.C., Age 38

Struggled to conceive for 7 years, previously failed 4 Conventional IVFs

I just wanted to share our joy with Dr. Yelian and the wonderful staff at Life IVF! Our beautiful little miracle baby (c...

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Two singleton births of a girl and boy through Mini IVF

G.L., Age 40

Blocked fallopian tubes

Our infertility journey began with one failed round of conventional IVF. As we were contemplating what to do next, a fri...

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