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Best IVF center for price and care

N.D., Age 49

Turned away by other clinics at age 44

I have always had good care at Life IVF Center, and I have been going there for over three years. I have had great succe...

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1 IVF with 1 egg and succeeded!

N.A., Age 28

Primary infertility for 5 years

My husband and I struggled with infertility for over 5 years. We were very fortunate to find Dr. Yelian's office based o...

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Gave birth to a girl through Mini IVF

Maria Elena, Age 36

Vasectomy, previously failed Conventional IVF

My husband did vasectomy so there was no way that we could conceive naturally. The only way we could have a child was th...

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Conceived through Mini IVF

Mandy, Age 34

Conceived through Mini IVF

It wasn't until early last year when I discovered I had infertility issues. I was able to conceive naturally, but unfort...

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