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Nicest doctors, great experience

Heidi, Age 37

Nicest doctors, great experience

I have been going to Life IVF for about a year now and just had my 3rd egg retrieval today by Dr. Kao. My 2nd egg retrieval got us one chromosomally normal egg with PGS testing. Three retrieved, all were AA blasts! But I’m 37 years old, so we opted to do PGS testing as only 1 out of 3 were normal.


We did another retrieval today in hope of getting one more good egg. Dr. Kao has done all 3 retrievals on me and he is the nicest doctor I have ever met. Dr. Yelian popped in to the procedure today because they couldn't get to my ovary vaginally so they quickly shifted gears and did an abdominal retrieval and got one egg. Dr. Yelian then consulted with me afterward and was as kind and encouraging as Dr. Kao.


My cousin referred me to Life IVF and I am so happy that she did. I live in San Diego and don't mind the commute at all because when I come, I am seen quickly. I never have waited more than 15-20 min for my monitoring appointments and the entire staff of nurses, office staff and doctors are great! My husband and I have one precious 3 year old already and are so excited to start a transfer cycle to see if we can give our daughter a sibling. Thank you Dr. Yelian and Dr. Kao for your time and help with our baby journey.