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Natural IVF: one egg, one embryo, one miracle baby!

E.F., Age 38

Diminished ovarian reserve at 32

We were told years ago that we would likely never have biological children by one of the most renowned IVF specialists in the country because of DOR at 32. We ultimately conceived our first child after 3.5 years of trying on our 4th IVF attempt at another clinic. When we decided to try for #2, we first went to a local clinic because of the challenge of traveling with a small child. We conceived twice but had 2 first trimester losses.

At that point we decided to go back to the RE who had given us success in the past. On our first cycle there, a resident called us and said they were cancelling our cycle due to a high day 5 FSH, even though the day 2 had been okay. From years of experience, I knew that this didn't make sense so I asked them to please continue the cycle. They would not agree to do that.

So I desperately called Life IVF on a Saturday, asking Dr. Yelian to take over the cycle midway through. I suspected that this was a futile effort given that it was mid-cycle and a Saturday but an extremely kind staff member listened to me and talked to Dr. Yelian and by the end of the day, agreed to take on the cycle!

After doing a natural cycle and trigger, my husband and I flew from Boston to Irvine, CA, retrieved one egg, the one egg fertilized and was frozen at day 6. A couple months later we transferred that embryo and he is now our son! Thank you so much to that staff member, to the whole staff at Life, and Dr. Yelian for taking a chance on us and helping us complete our family!