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Making parenthood possible through surrogacy IVF

I.C., Age 38

Struggled to conceive for 7 years, previously failed 4 Conventional IVFs

I just wanted to share our joy with Dr. Yelian and the wonderful staff at Life IVF! Our beautiful little miracle baby (carried by my surrogate/sister) came early at 32 weeks. She was supposed to come out on 6/2 via scheduled C-section but my sister got early contractions starting the 30th week, was hospitalized and then gave birth on the 32nd week. My sister was on low dose prednisone starting the 10th week of her pregnancy due to severe hives which caused her to be hospitalized in the first trimester.

Our baby girl was born on 5/4 and weighed 3 pounds and 11 oz, and 37 cm in length. She is currently in NICU in an incubator just trying to gain weight. Healthy overall. My sister is also recovering well.

My husband and I would like to thank all of you, most especially Dr. Yelian, for making parenthood possible for us after 7 long years. Just one year ago, we were on the verge of losing hope in this journey wondering if we will ever have any good embryos after 4 failed conventional IVFs. We are so glad that Dr. Yelian insisted for us not to give up. Now we are so in love with our little bundle of joy and we have Dr. Yelian and everyone at Life IVF to thank for this. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!