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Great IVF lab and embryologists!


Great IVF lab and embryologists!

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I'm a month away from giving birth to a baby boy thanks to Dr. Yelian & his staff. They were fantastic. Even if I didn't have success I would still give Life IVF Center a great review.

Dr. Yelian's staff runs a tight ship. They are trying to help everyone. I don't see where anyone should complain. When dealing with infertility you are depressed, desperate, and can get angry if you don't get the outcome you desire. I know because I've been there. You're not going to get your baby when you hold on to those feelings.

The beauty of working with Dr. Yelian is that he wanted to try where in most doctors would send me away. I felt we experimented together for this success. I felt we were a team. Also, I like him a lot.

His nurses & staff are top notch, professional & friendly. I miss them!

Dr. Kao and Dr. Wu do the egg retrievals. Dr. Wu is gentle during a painful process (Painful for me. It might not be painful for you.) Dr. Kao held my hand and laughed with me through the retrievals.

I have tried to create embryos at another lab using a different process and those embryos arrested development. For some reason Molly and her lab had the magic touch for my embryos. I was able to create more 5 day blastocysts than expected. The genetic testing says they have a two week turn around, but it was actually a lot faster.

The only con for me is that I have 4 eggs on ice at another lab that use a different process than Life IVF Center. I would love to transfer my eggs to Life IVF Center. If I want to try to get pregnant again I'd have to go somewhere else. I don't want to go anywhere else!

If you're dealing with infertility go to Life IVF Center. I've been to another "reputable" infertility clinic, the one that shows on top of the google search. Yelp says that it has no bad reviews, but it was a complete nightmare. Life IVF Center is the place to try to get your baby. It's worth the try if it has always been your dream.