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Give birth with two tries of Natural IVF

D.S.W., Age 41

DOR, high FSH level, low AMH and follicle counts

My wife, at 41 years old, had diminished ovarian reserve, high FSH levels, low AMH, and very few follicles. Other facilities directed us towards donor eggs, and one facility dismissed us as candidates over the phone as soon as my wife told them she was 41 (most facilities like to keep high success rates for marketing purposes).

What attracted us to Dr. Yelian is his use of Natural Cycle IVF, something that is still relatively uncommon in the fertility industry. It suits older women with fewer eggs because there is no need to stimulate the body to produce multiple eggs when the reserve is low. It made sense to us. His process lets the body do its natural work while his process simply helps along. In our case, he theorized that my wife's eggs were not finding their way into her Fallopian tube. Once he retrieved an egg it turned out to be high grade (I don't remember the letters they used, but they rate eggs like diamonds some sort of way).

It took us two tries, but we made it to the other side and my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby. We knew that it was very possible that it might not have worked at all; Yelian is not able to guarantee anything. But even going through the process was bringing us healing over the situation because going through his program allowed us to feel like we were doing all that we could to achieve our goal. That is probably the best part about the experience is that it can help bring closure no matter what the outcome. He stays current on medical trends, I remember hitting him with every new study and technique that I could find on the internet (oocyte reconstruction, for example), and he knew exactly what I was talking about. He even had his own unconventional techniques to avoid drugs in stabilizing a fertility cycle. I'm impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.

I would encourage anyone considering IVF to go take a consultation at his clinic and learn everything you can about your situation before you go. Take some basic blood tests to measure hormone levels, chart ovulation cycles, and research as much as you can about IVF so that you will be in control of your decisions. The wait time can be a little long here, but if you can wait at the DMV for your license, you can probably handle waiting a little bit here too. Good luck to everyone!