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Gave birth through Natural IVF

P.N., Age 35

Blocked fallopian tubes

Six years ago, we conceived our first child naturally. At the time, we didn’t think too much about IVF and we certainly never thought we would ever need it. Trying to have second baby without success, we found out that my fallopian tubes were blocked on both sides. We didn’t have too many options and my OB doctor said the best thing is to try IVF.

She gave us the names of three OB doctors. Among them, she highly recommended Dr. Yelian. She had heard great things and seen a lot of good results from his patients.

Dr. Yelian’s Natural Cycle IVF was quite appealing to me. Having gotten pregnant naturally and fairly easy the first time, I was not into using a lot of infertility drugs. One month to have one egg makes more sense to me. Plus we just wanted to have one more child.

We also liked Dr. Yelian’s way of thinking about the process. He seemed hopeful and told us that we had a good shot. If we could get even one egg, we were fine.

We purchased three mix cycles package. The first time we had natural cycle, no medication at all. We did the fresh transfer and got pregnant on the first try. However, I had miscarriage in the 8th week. It was a tough time. I wasn’t sure if it would work again or if I even wanted to try it again.

After we tried to get over what had happened, we came back for the next cycle and just focused on our goal to have a baby. We did everything we could do and took Dr. Yelian’s advice. We used frozen embryo. Also, instead of only using progesterone cream like the first cycle, I took daily progesterone shots to maintain pregnancy. It worked! The embryo got implanted and we were successfully pregnant with our daughter.

Dr. Yelian is certainly a great doctor. He knows the right egg to take out, and right one to put it back in. We were very happy with the service at Life IVF Center.

It wasn’t long ago we weren’t sure if we could have one more child, and now we have our daughter. She is eight months old now, and is such a huge part of our lives. I couldn’t picture life without her. It is amazing!