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Gave birth through Mini IVF, pregnant with 2nd baby

A.H., Age 32

Previously losing triplets, polycystic ovary syndrome

A few years ago, we used fertility drugs to stimulate my ovaries without IVF, conceiving triplets. Unfortunately, 5 months into the pregnancy we lost them. It was very heartbreaking for us. Eventually we decided to try IVF with Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS).

We talked to several infertility doctors. Coming to Life IVF Center was an easy choice to make. As a nurse, I was very impressed by Dr. Yelian.  He is very confident about his knowledge of current IVF procedures. He knows what works the best for patients, and he keeps pursuing that. You really want to go to someone who knows what he is doing, especially when you are talking about creating embryos.

We did one cycle of minimal stimulation, retrieved 8 eggs and made two normal healthy embryos. We had our daughter in 2015! She is such a miracle. I still remember the first time holding her it was so emotional.  We couldn’t believe our dream had finally come true. We were over the moon!

Even though we still had one embryo stored, when we came back for the 2nd baby we wanted to do another cycle of minimal stimulation IVF before we get too old. We retrieved 7 eggs and made another two healthy embryos. Just like the first time, the embryo transfer was a success and we are pregnant again!

Unlike many doctors out there, Dr. Yelian doesn’t harvest a whole bunch of eggs. He has more of conservative approach. With all the different IVF protocols we were offered, natural cycle was most appealing to me, but because I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), I wasn’t a good candidate for it. However, having experienced minimal stimulation IVF, we really appreciate what Life IVF Center has to offer. Only collecting a small amount of eggs does tailor down to a more manageable family size. Ethically you don’t want to have 50 kids.

With Conventional IVF, larger amounts of eggs can be retrieved but that was too extreme for us. You could end up in a hospital with complications. I had a girlfriend who did conventional IVF treatment with other doctors somewhere else and the doctors collected 58 eggs. She developed Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) and had to be hospitalized. They just over stimulated her. It was a horrible experience.

We are very grateful that we found Life IVF and have such a good outcome. They did everything flawlessly. I didn’t feel anything when doing transfer. Even for egg retrieval, I did it without any anesthesia.

The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. They step up to the place, answer all the questions. Everybody is very competent, well trained and take their jobs seriously. Some staff members such as Nicole, Diana are just great. Mariko is very sweet. I never had a bad experience.

When we decided to have second child, I was thinking to try naturally again. But my husband simply said, “Why? Let’s just go back to Life IVF!”

The IVF process is like surfing. You have to keep going, and do all you can. Just knowing that you are here, you are getting the best shot you can. Trust the staff and the process. I just wish I could give those hopeful moms a big hug.