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Gave birth through Mini IVF

YS, Age 42

Mini IVF worked 3 failed IUIs!

Just a little over two years ago, we were in the same situation as many couples who are struggling to have a baby. We were so desperate after trying everything we could to conceive. We even went back to Japan for advanced treatment, and tried IUI three times, without success. We almost gave up hope then we found Life IVF Center.

We had heard about Life IVF Center years earlier and were referred by the well-known Kato Ladies Clinic in Japan. They highly recommended Dr. Yelian.

It seemed IVF was our last chance and we had nothing to lose by giving it a try. We attended Life IVF Center’s monthly free seminar twice, and really liked Dr. Yelian’s ideas of natural cycle and minimal stimulation IVF. We never wanted to have multiple gestations. We just wanted to have single transfer with one baby.

However, money was our huge challenge as the cost for IVF was way beyond what we could afford. Fortunately enough, we were able to get a new health plan with infertility coverage. Without taking a pause, we immediately proceeded with two rounds of minimal stimulation. With little medications and injections, we retrieved 4-5 eggs each cycle, and made 3 embryos. Two of them were normal after Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) test.

We put one in, and got pregnant! I still remember the moment when I first heard the heartbeat. I couldn’t believe I was truly going to be a mother. Dr. Yelian created a miracle!

It was funny; my husband had a stupid idea. “What if the embryologists messed it up and transferred someone else’s embryo?” one day he said. After our daughter was born, she looked just exactly like my husband, almost the same copy of her father. We burst in laughter and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being proud parents.

Having had an amazing experience with IVF, we came back to Life IVF Center for the second baby. We transferred the other embryo in August this year. We noticed that a lot more pictures of IVF babies have been added on the wall since graduating two years ago. Since becoming a mother I realize that every life is so important and every child is so precious!

Our second transfer was done by Dr. Yelian, just like the first one. He showed me the ultrasound image of the embryo and couldn’t stop smiling. “What a beautiful blastocyst!” he acclaimed.

I gazed at the picture embryo with curiosity. It looks like a shining crystal, so pure and radiant. This is the origin of a new life. This is my other miracle!

We wouldn’t have our miracle without the help from Life IVF Center. Everyone is so kind, caring, and professional, especially Dr. Yelian. He is definitely the doctor you can trust 100%. We also appreciate the Japanese nurses including Mariko, Jessica and Kim. They have been so helpful.

I also enjoy all the services Life IVF Center provides, such as Internet service, opening as early as 7:30am and on Saturdays and holidays, which makes it convenient for a working mom like me.

What I’ve learned from my first IVF is to try to have a lot of laughter and be positive and happy as much as possible. Life IVF Center helped me make a miracle. I’m sure you will create your own miracle as well.