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Gave birth to a girl through Mini IVF

Maria Elena, Age 36

Vasectomy, previously failed Conventional IVF

My husband did vasectomy so there was no way that we could conceive naturally. The only way we could have a child was through IVF. At first we approached conventional IVF. The process was very tough and stressful. I was given a lot of medication and had to inject myself every day and night. While we were still receiving traditional IVF treatment, one day I went to the pharmacy picking up the stimulation medication, and it so happened that one of the staff talked about Dr. Yelian. According to her, Dr. Yelian seems very nice and has a high success rate.

After two rounds of conventional IVF, we made 8 embryos and 3 of them were chromosomally normal. We first transferred two embryos, none of them took. Then, we did another transfer, and it failed again. We were so frustrated. Before we continued to do the 3rd round, our doctor asked me to do some biopsies since he had no idea why we failed.

At that point, we decided to quit and were going to find another doctor. I rushed back to the pharmacy and luckily found the lady who had mentioned Dr. Yelian. We called Life IVF Center right away, and one staff member kindly invited us to attend LIC’s free seminar. It was very lucky that we went. The seminar was very informative and helpful! Dr. Yelian clearly explained what would work and what wouldn’t work on IVF. He is so knowledgeable and professional. He knows exactly what he is doing. I immediately knew that he is the doctor we need. “We want him. That’s it.”

We soon proceeded with 2 rounds of minimal stimulation IVF, using much less medication and resulting in 4 embryos. After PGS genetic testing, however, only one embryo came back normal.
This embryo was the last and the only chance we could have a child. We already spent most of our savings on conventional IVF and could not afford to have any IVF if it failed. We were really worried.
At that moment, Dr. Yelian kept giving us encouragement and confidence. “Don’t worry. Everything is fine. You are going to have a baby. All you need is one ‘good’ embryo,” he said.

In early December, 2016, we did the transfer. I still remembered that very special moment when Dr. Yelian handed me the picture of my embryo prior to the procedure. It was so touching that I couldn’t stop crying.

After the transfer, we prayed every day. Before Christmas eve, the good news finally came. We were so pregnant! That is the best Christmas gift we have ever had! We were so happy to tear. In September, 2017, our baby girl was born! She looks exactly like her father!