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Gave birth with extremely low ovarian reserve

E.M., Age 37

Rejected by other clinics and told to have less than 1% chance of having babies with own eggs

I do not typically write reviews but I feel I must write this one. I want others to hold on to a bit of hope knowing that women with extremely low ovarian reserve can get pregnant and have a healthy baby. They just need to find the right fertility clinic. Please note that I'm not saying all women can get pregnant but that there is hope!

I was diagnosed with extremely low ovarian reserve at age 35 (AMH 0.08). My doctor at the time told me that they wouldn't even offer IVF as an option for me as my chances of having a baby with my own eggs was less than 1% and that my only option was donor egg. I went to a second fertility clinic which told me the same thing but they said they were willing to work with me and of course I had no success. I was prescribed the highest stims about 6k worth and ended up with two follicles that grew but were empty?! I look back and wonder why in the world would they prescribed me such a high dose when I had such low AMH and low antral count. Again they said donor egg was really my only option.

At that point two plus years later I was seriously considering donor egg but I just wasn't ready. One night scouring the Internet on all things fertility related I read about Life IVF. I saw that they were experienced with women with low ovarian reserve and everything I read about natural or Mini IVF made sense. I also at this point was willing to try ANYTHING!!! That night I decided to call and make an appointment even though I live in a different state and would have to fly 2.5 hours to get there.

Dr. Yelian was kind but didn't sugar coat anything. I was a very difficult case (almost 38) but he said that he still thought I had a chance conceiving with my own eggs and that he was willing to try. He provided me with a few case studies of similar women with my same issues. I decided I had to try and I'm so glad I did!

Please know that for some of us it will not happen on the first try and it could take longer than you may want to get pregnant. Life IVF is a very busy clinic but they are well organized. You may still feel like a number sometimes but I found this to be typical in most health fields.

If you are like me and are not ready to give up, please go see them. I only wish I had found them sooner - I could have saved a lot of time and money and heartache. I am forever grateful to Dr. Yelian and his team. I have a beautiful baby boy lying next to me right now. Run .... do not walk to this clinic.