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Gave birth with my own eggs at 43

K.H., Age 42.5

Previously failed 4 Conventional IVFs, told to use donor eggs

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It took me a while to write this because there is so much I want to say about Life IVF and the gratitude I have for them. I started this process at 41 with conventional IVF at "the" place in Beverly Hills. After 4 rounds of conventional IVF, 1 PGS normal embryo that miscarried, we were told by "the" place our only option at 42 was donor eggs. I wasn't ready to give up.

A friend of mine, who was my age, had gone to Life IVF and was pregnant by them. Their philosophy seemed to really make sense to me. Basically, too many chemicals damage already fragile older eggs. So, the theory is finding that perfect balance of enough meds to have a few eggs of high quality but not enough meds to damage the eggs further. Sometimes this means no medicine at all.

At 42.5 we bought two packages of three rounds and did PGS testing. I found the nurses and lab techs extremely skilled at their jobs. Everyone worked with care and held my hand along the way. It was a lot to drive an hour from LA for monitoring but was less monitoring than conventional IVF so it was ok. And because it worked, at 43 I gave birth to a beautifully perfect son with my own eggs.

I cannot thank Dr. Yelian, Dr Kao and the staff enough. They have changed all of our lives forever and a new human is starting the wonderful journey of life because of them. I wish they would open closer in Los Angeles!