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Our dream to parenthood finally becomes true


Unexplained Infertility for 6 years, previously failed several traditional IVFs

My wife just graduated from Life IVF last week! I usually don't write reviews. But in this case, I would like to share our experience with other intended parents suffering with infertility, so they can avoid wasting their time and money in the journey to parenthood.

Our journey started 6 years ago from Northern California. We saw many doctors and did many tests. But none of the tests were conclusive of the root causes of infertility. Years later, we moved down to San Diego to have a less stressful life hoping that will help. We then worked with two more clinics in San Diego and underwent with several IVF treatments. Neither of the clinics was upfront with their fees. After the embryo transfers were unsuccessful, the doctor at each clinic pointed to different possible causes.

After several failed IVF cycles and emotional ups and downs, we decided to try a new approach that's different from the traditional IVF and it's called miniature IVF. We are very grateful to find Dr. Yelian at Life IVF in Irvine.

There are several areas that we like about Life IVF. First, they explain and go over all possible fees and cost with their patients before starting the treatment so there is no hidden cost. Second, the test result is always available in the same day. You don't have to go home and wait for phone call or keep calling them for results. Third, Dr. Yelian is a phenomenal doctor. He not only provides excellent treatment for us, but also always provides his personal attention and support for us. He gave us the confidence and hope several times throughout the process when we almost gave up.

The first time was at our first consultation with him. Dr. Yelian reviewed our medical history and assures there is nothing wrong with us and was very optimistic that we will have a successful outcome. He asked us to stop taking the prescribed medication from previous doctors. The second time was when the 4th egg retrieval resulted zero fertilize eggs. He encouraged my wife to keep trying and designed a new treatment protocol for her 5th egg retrieval, and it was this retrieval that gave us two beautiful embryos that resulted in a positive pregnancy.

Overall, we feel one of the reasons that we were successful was because the overall experience with Life IVF was less stressful with their transparent fees, friendly office staff, and low dosage hormone injections treatment protocols. From single mini-IVF egg retrieval at Life IVF, we were able to obtain the same number of eggs as from a traditional IVF cycle, with less medications and faster egg retrieval recovery time. And the embryos created were all better in quality compared to the results that we had with the other two clinics.

We are very thankful that Dr. Yelian helped us to make our dream of parenthood come true.