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Dr. Yelian is a ray of hope

T.W., Age 40+

Turned down from most clinics

Infertility is very hard and especially hard when you are in your forties. Sometimes you can receive such dry and disappointing approach from practitioners. But Dr. Yelian is a ray of hope. Turned down from most clinics I found him and his clinic and I must say from day one he was positive and gave me hope. I think most basic thing is that he is willing to give you a chance and the support of his best expertise.

I have done multiple cycles with life IVF and in my experience Dr. Yelian's protocols are really refined and specific to your body. I am not surprised because he has a vast body of experience, especially in the field of minimal IVF cycle, where conventional clinics can be very inexperienced. His nursing staff is very polite and always friendly.

Sometimes, outside monitoring can be difficult but they are very patient with waiting for the results and making sure you have a treatment plan by the end of the day. Dr. Kao who has mostly done my egg retrieval is also great. I would highly recommend people to go to Dr. Yelian as his protocols are easy on the body and so are his prices on the wallet. As an expert Dr. Yelian is top notch and unmatched. Most of all he really is trying his best to make the infertility journey easier. Thank you Dr. Y!