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Conceived with twins through Mini IVF

M.J., Age 33

Sensitive to medicine

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It’s been a long journey for us since we started IVF in March, 2015. Today, we finally graduated, not just with one baby, but twins.

We have never been to other IVF clinics other than Life IVF Center. We attended its monthly free seminar. It was very helpful and educational, and a good opportunity to win a natural cycle IVF.

It’s also a good start to see Dr. Yelian. You can easily tell that he was not pushing anyone to make a decision here but just wanted everyone to have a baby and was giving his best advice to find the best IVF clinic. He was very positive, and was confident about us that made us feel good.

I’m always kind of sensitive to medicine, so I personally like the facility and its natural protocol. With natural or minimal stimulation protocol, the pricing tends to be reasonable and competitive. If someone is looking for something more natural, Life IVF Center is definitely the place to go.

We did five cycles of minimal stimulation IVF and made 5 embryos. Without having done any Pre-Genetic Screening (PGS) test, we transferred one embryo at a time for three times, unfortunately three of them didn’t take. It was harder and harder to come back each time when the result was negative. But it’s our dream to have a child. If we stop, then we really don’t have any other alternative.

So in July, 2016, we transferred the last two blastocysts we had. They were grading 4 BA and 4CB. To our surprise, they were successfully implanted. It was the best moment when I heard their heartbeats for the first time since we never thought we would get through that.

Life IVF Center is always very nice and calming environment. The doctors and nurse are very efficient of what they do. They were all very supportive, holding your hands and guided you through it. I really love our ultrasound tech, Diana, who is very gentle. She is our “good luck charm” as she was there when we first saw our babies and heard their heartbeats in all the major moments.