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Conceived twice through Mini IVF

Elaine., Age 43

Previously failed 1 Conventional IVF and caused physical weakness

Upon finding out we had infertility issues, without any knowledge of IVF, we started with conventional IVF. I was given a lot of medication and had no success. Worse than that, my body became so weak that we couldn’t continue the treatment.

Soon, we found Life IVF Center on the Internet, and learned that it specializes in Natural Cycle and Minimal Stimulation IVF. Having had a bad experience from conventional IVF, the approach of using no or less fertility drugs really attracted me, and gave us hope.

Luckily enough that our health insurance covered most of infertility cost, we were able to proceed with minimal stimulation IVF with limited financial and physical burdens.

We did 13 rounds in a row since 2013, and made 7 embryos. In 2014, we decided to transfer one 4BB embryo and successfully delivered live birth of a baby girl. We were so excited!

Having a great experience with Life IVF Center, later in 2015, we came back for the second child. This time, we did 7 rounds and made 3 blastocysts. We transferred one 4BB healthy embryo and were successfully pregnant again!  Interestingly enough, both embryos we transferred were actually made from the very first cycle each time. They were chromosomally normal after Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) test.

During those 20 cycles, some incidents happened and luckily we overcame them. There was one cycle that I was ovulating before the egg retrieval date and missed the eggs due to a nurse’s misjudgment. But Dr. Yelian soon stood up and apologized. He took the responsibility and refunded the fees for that cycle. Furthermore, he re-arranged the treatment plan and still helped us retrieve eggs before I turned 40 years old. We actually ended up making a 4AA graded embryo from that cycle.

Another thing happened during the second embryo transfer June of this year. On the day of transfer, my uterine lining suddenly became thinner than normal prior to the procedure. Dr. Yelian immediately called off the transfer, but the frozen embryo had been thawed at that time.

Based on my embryo’s result, Dr. Yelian assured me that there should be no problem of using the refreezing embryo. I didn’t feel relieved until the home pregnancy test showed blue lines five days later! Again, it proved that Dr. Yelian was right and trustworthy.

It’s certainly been a long tedious journey for us, but it’s all worth it and we are so proud that we made it through. We sincerely thank God and Dr. Yelian!

We also like to thank every staff member including Miyu and Stace at LIC for being so friendly and helpful. We especially like to thank Nancy and Michelle from Billing Department for tirelessly helping us deal with complicated insurance matters.

As an IVF graduate twice, I believe there is always hope out there as long as you do not give up. For someone who needs IVF, I strongly recommend that you start from Life IVF Center for it uses less medication with less cost. We already have had success twice but we still regret that we didn’t come to Life earlier.