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Conceived through Mini IVF

Kumi, Age 39

Abnormal chromosome

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I was suffering infertility for a long time, and thought I was the only person who struggled with this issue in the whole world. Coming to Life IVF Center is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It gave me hope and has totally changed my life.

Our IVF journey was not easy to begin with. We first did 3 rounds of minimal IVF and made 4 blastocysts. When the genetic testing result was back, to my surprise, all embryos were abnormal. I was very disappointed and frustrated. Luckily, my husband was very supportive, so we decided to give it another try after consulting with doctors and nurses.

We did another 3 cycles of minimal stimulation IVF. This time we made 6 blastocysts and 2 embryos came back normal after preimplantation genetic screening. In September we proceeded with embryo transfer cycle. Prior to the embryo transfer procedure, Dr. Yelian showed me the ultrasound image of the embryo which was going to be transferred. I was so touched by that moment. “This would be my baby!” I said silently. Nine days later, the pregnancy test came out positive. By the end of October, I graduated from Life IVF Center in my 10-week pregnancy.

Our success wouldn’t be possible without the professional help from LIC. Everyone here is so encouraging and helpful that I feel I can completely count on. Regardless of the language barrier, they are so nice and friendly to me. Japanese nurses are so supportive in particular. I am so blessed to have them on this journey. I still have one more frozen embryo stored here and I will definitely come back for my second child in the future.