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1 Natural IVF, 2 embryos, successfully pregnant

K.S., Age 32

Male factor infertility

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We went to Life IVF due to an issue with male factor infertility. Since I was 32 with no known problems, Dr. Yelian recommended we do natural cycle IVF. If you don't know what natural cycle IVF is, basically they retrieve the egg you naturally ovulate and you don't have to do hormone injections. The only shot I had to give myself was something to prevent ovulation from happening and it was 1 time and really easy! I actually ovulated 2 eggs and both fertilized and created grade A blastocysts. We implanted one and froze the other. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant!

Our overall experience was wonderful. The staff there is so warm and friendly. We never had to wait too long for our appointments. Just the first one when we needed to see the doctor because he had some procedures that needed to get done before he saw us. Which is totally understandable once you go through the process since everything is timed so precisely! We worked with both Doctor Yelian and Dr. Kao and both were amazing. The office is clean and nice, and the surgery room where they do the egg retrieval and transfers is first class all the way.

We couldn't have imagined a better experience, and I definitely recommend Life IVF if you are considering making the big decision to go through IVF!