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In 2013, a 38-year-old female and her husband from the East Coast came to Life IVF Center after 6 years of trying to have a baby with the diagnosis of unexplained infertility. They felt like they were out of options as they had 3 failed IUIs (Intrauterine Insemination) and 3 failed IVF treatments. Their last failed IVF treatment was at one of the TOP IVF clinics in the US, as it has one of the highest success rates, where she was given 600 units of Gonadotropin injection daily for 11 days. They collected many eggs, but none of them made it to the blastocyst stage (Day 5 embryo). So when they arrived at Life IVF Center they felt like they had no chance of getting pregnant on their own without the help of donor eggs. After an initial consultation and evaluation with our physician, Dr. Frank D. Yelian, he believed that Minimal Stimulation IVF or Natural Cycle IVF will be the best option for this patient.

Her first cycle was a Minimal Stimulation IVF cycle, where she was given only Clomid to help stimulate follicle growth and 2 mature eggs were retrieved. Both eggs were fertilized and one made a 4AB blastocyst. Her second cycle was also a Minimal Stimulation IVF cycle, where she was given Clomid again but this time a few Follistim injections too. The TOTAL dosage of Follistim injection in this cycle was 450 units, which was less than a ONE day dose she was given during her previous Conventional IVF cycle. This retrieval resulted in 5 eggs and 2 blastocysts (5BB and 6BB). Her third and last cycle with us was a full Natural Cycle IVF where she was given NO fertility medication at all. This retrieval produced one egg that ended up being a 4AA blastocyst. We were then able to do a fresh embryo transfer in the same cycle since she did not have any fertility medication. This cycle ended up being a live birth of a baby boy for this couple!

The journey for this couple was long and difficult, but in the end Life IVF Center was able to help them achieve their pregnancy with NO fertility medication used after they were given a very grim prognosis. In addition, the cost of their THREE cycles of treatment was HALF the cost of ONE cycle of treatment at the top IVF clinic. In addition, this couple was able to do Natural Cycle and Minimal Stimulation IVF treatment even though they were not based in California! They only needed to be in our office for their Egg retrieval and Embryo transfer procedures. Now, the couple is ready to come back to California for their baby number two, as they have 3 good embryos stored with us. This is why our philosophy here at Life IVF Center is to help all patients who seek out IVF treatment, regardless of age, FSH level, location, or previously failed IVF cycles. To learn more about our IVF treatments, attend one of our monthly FREE IVF Seminar, where one lucky couple will win a COMPLIMENTARY Natural Cycle IVF Treatment.

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In May 2011, a 38 year-old female patient came to our office after trying to conceive for 2 years. She had a history of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and diminished ovarian reserve. She felt like with her condition the chance of having a successful pregnancy was very low. At Life IVF Center, Dr. Frank Yelian met with her for an initial consultation and discussed with her about various treatment options. At the initial consultation, she clearly expressed that she did not like to use a lot of fertility drugs. Considering all factors, we decided to proceed with Natural Cycle IVF for her.

After completing all of their pre-IVF testing, we start monitoring her on menstrual cycle day 2. No fertility medication was used, and she monitor two more times prior to her egg retrieval. On the retrieval day we retrieved ONE mature and ONE immature egg without using any anesthesia because the procedure was very short and the aspiration needle was very thin. We were able to fertilize both eggs after successfully culturing the immature egg in our laboratory. Since she was not on medication, two days after her egg retrieval we did a fresh embryo transfer and that resulted in her first pregnancy! The patient had a healthy baby at full term! The second embryo from the immature egg was resulted in a 4AA blastocyst, which was cryo-preserved at our facility. Few months ago at the age of 42, she came back for her baby number two. We decided to transfer the frozen blastocyst. It all went well and resulted 2nd pregnancy, and she is now 18 weeks pregnant! Natural Cycle IVF was able to help this couple achieve not just ONE but TWO successful pregnancies!

Natural Cycle IVF has been rejected by some infertility doctors as an ineffective IVF treatment. As there is no fertility medications used, the average patient only retrieves one egg at a time. Overall the pregnancy rate from one egg is lower. However what many doctors do not realize is that multiple eggs are not always necessary for a successful pregnancy. For some patients, especially young patients with tubal diseases, male factor infertility, or endometriosis, Natural Cycle IVF is an excellent option for them. For these young patients, all we need for a pregnancy is one good quality egg because most eggs are normal! Many patients also believe the more eggs retrieved in a cycle, the greater success for them, not realizing the fertility drugs may also have detrimental effects on the egg quality. Then the chance of pregnancy may be reduced in some patients, especially for those patients at age above 40, who use a lot of drugs.

This case is an example of the success that can be achieved for patients with Natural Cycle IVF. The uniqueness of this patient is it was only one cycle of Natural Cycle IVF that resulted in two pregnancies that were 4 years apart! Conventional IVF wisdom emphasizes the use of more medication to produce more eggs, so it provides the better chance of a pregnancy. This is not always true and necessary! This patient may also achieve pregnancy through Conventional IVF, but she might have exposes much more fertility medication, and produce many more surplus embryos which she may never use. Financially, she will spend much more money to achieve the same pregnancy!

To learn more about our Natural Cycle IVF, to understand the pros and cons of Natural Cycle IVF, and to find out who is a good candidate of Natural Cycle IVF, please attend one of our monthly FREE IVF SEMINARS, where ONE lucky couple will win a COMPLIMENTARY Natural Cycle IVF treatment!

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I have had an exceptional experience with Dr. Yelian and Life IVF Center. In my first hand experience, Life IVF has the most up-to-date procedures which are the least invasive, least costly, and most likely to produce successful outcomes.

Let me give some background:

Previously, I had a very traumatic experience at another center - 2 back-to-back failed cycles of IVF, and $10,000 worth of drugs pumped into my system in just 3 months. It was so bad, that I refused to access the 3rd cycle which I had already paid for (I had gotten a 3-cycle package) opting instead to walk away!

Luckily a friend referred Dr. Yelian who apparently has pioneered several key processes that make Life IVF Center the place to go:
  1. Less Invasive & Less Costly Egg Retrievals - The Egg Retrieval Procedure uses vaginal ultrasound instead of a physical needle inserted into the navel.  This means that ER can be done *without* general anesthesia!  Dr. Yelian has performed 8 Egg Retrievals on me without anesthesia of any kind.  Given that General Anesthetic costs about $1,600 *every time* ($1,000 for the anesthesiologist to show up, $600 for the anesthetic itself), that's $12,800 I've saved on just general anesthesia alone.   Not to mention less pain in the days following the procedure!  (In case you're wondering about the pain of the procedure itself, it's about as "bad" as having your blood drawn, except the place they are poking you isn't your arm.  It's not exactly fun, but the vast majority of patients including me seem to find it tolerable.)
  2. 5 Day Embryo Standard - All embryos except for the first one are cultured out to *five days*.  Five day old embryos are the strongest and have the greatest chance to successfully implant once transferred.  The other place I went to (PRC) didn't have enough faith in its Embryology Department to culture embryos out to five days, instead insisting on 3 days only.
  3. No Mandatory Bed Rest After Embryo Transfer - Other places require total bed rest for 3 or more days after ET, meaning that for every Embryo Transfer attempt, you are missing at least 3 days of work, not to mention feeling trapped in bed, while spouse and family are forced to take care of you.
  4. "Natural Cycle" IVF - NO DRUGS!  The other place cavalierly put me on $5,000 worth of drugs per attempt, meaning I had to take pills morning and night, inject myself up to four times a day, experiencing a dozen side effects that mimicked menopause, raging hormones, weight gain, and the worst emotional "out of control" state that anyone in my family has ever seen.  When I said I wanted to go with NO DRUGS for my third attempt, the other doctor refused.  With Dr. Yelian, I have completed 8 drug-free cycles of retrievals.

In sum, the other place's standard procedure was to pump a woman full of costly drugs, hope for her body to produce the most amount of eggs in one cycle, retrieve as many eggs as possible, create embryos, and transfer up to 3 embryos at a time. (See my review of Dr. Rifaat Salem at Pacific Reproductive Center.)

By contrast, Dr. Yelian's procedure is to allow the woman's body to produce eggs naturally (avoiding the problems that come with excessive medication), retrieve eggs (although usually only one is viable per cycle), culture embryos out to five days, remove one cell for Pre-Genetic Screening biopsy, and out of the batch of PGS tested embryos choose to transfer the one that has a chance of survival (abnormal embryos tend not to survive).

As far as costs go, here is the break down in my case:
Other Place:

ONE 3-package cycle (3 Egg Retrievals + 3 Embryo Transfers) Medication General Anesthesia + Anesthetic TOTAL COST for only 2 cycles completed = $32,000 (Had I done all 3, the total cost would have been closer to $40,000.)

Life IVF:

THREE 3-package cycles (9 ERs + 9 ETs) Cycle Management Fees No medication No anesthetic TOTAL COST for 9 cycles = $28,350

As you can see, I'm getting a lot more for a lot less cost than the other place. Other women I know have had 10 failed IVF cycles at a cost of over $100,000. I'm getting almost 10 at less than $30k.

Now let's look at the chances of success:
Other Place:

Diagnosis of "Low Ovarian Reserve" Immediate transfer of 3-day old embryo each time, with no cryogenic freezing, and no option of Pre-Genetic Screening (PGS). Given that at my age, slightly less than half the eggs retrieved / embryos transferred will be "normal", and I was only capable of producing very few viable eggs per cycle, resulting in even fewer embryos to work with, there was practically no chance of success after all the pain, lost days of work, side effects of drugs, and financial costs.

Life IVF:

After 8 Egg Retrievals, FIVE 5-day embryos successfully produced, and ONE 2-day embryo produced, all cryogenically frozen, awaiting PGS. If slightly less than 50% are strong, presumably at least TWO if not THREE would be viabl.

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I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency and Endometriosis in February 2014. I have an endometrioma on my left ovary which was silent for many years...without pain. I had no idea it was there. I was 35 and my FSH was 39 at the time of my diagnosis. My reproductive endocrinologist (RE) gave me a 1-3% chance of conception. No words could describe the pain of that day and the following weeks and months. My husband's in the military, and it took a while to diagnose me since he's constantly away. Within a couple months I discovered a high FSH online forum and began to try everything possible to bring down my FSH.

I started with a wheatgrass shake every morning which I hated, but drank for the next year. I also added DHEA, Evening Primrose, Coq10, Royal Jelly, Fish Oil, D-3, and while going through IVF I added Fertile Friends my acupuncturist gave me and melatonin. I went through 5 IUI's without having one BFP. After 2 IUIs, I began exploring IVF and discovered LIFE through the online forum Network 54. My insurance paid for the IUIs, so I continued to do them despite my negative feelings that it was appropriate for my diagnosis. The military put me on a 1 year waiting list for conventional IVF at Tripler in Hawaii because after taking all the supplements and having surgery on my left ovary, my FSH dropped to 12. Before my FSH dropped, they wouldn't consider IVF. My endometrioma began to grow immediately after surgery, so I started a glutton free diet, which seemed to help it stop growing as rapidly as it was growing before. Dr. Yelian with LIFE did say at a later date that he didn't think I should have had my surgery because it was too risky and wiped out too many of my precious follicles.

I was called on waiting list in October of 2014 and started IVF in November. I began doing communal acupuncture 2-3xs a week in October 2014 which cost us $20 a round. REs put me on maximum meds, and they were only able to retrieve 1 egg which became an embryo. They did a 3 day transfer which resulted in a BFP with HCG levels at 76 and 3 days later they were 186. I had my first ultrasound 8 weeks later, and there was no heartbeat. The devastation of that loss was indescribable. I did a D&C which Dr. Yelian said may have thrown off my lining. LIFE was my next step. I went to their monthly seminar and began to feel hope. After a consult with Dr. Yelian, I decided to go with the natural 3-cycle egg banking package. In my first IVF cycle, my lining was completely off and my FSH was 28, but it resulted to 1 4BB embryo. My second cycle, my lining again was completely off, but Dr. Yelian put me on Estrace which is an amazing pill and dropped my FSH immediately to 15 which resulted in a 4AA embryo. My third cycle, I stopped doing Estrace and my FSH shot up to 35 but regardless, I naturally produced 2 eggs on my own which became 2 4AA embryos. And then the embryologists cultured a third egg and proceeded to do ICSI on it before it completely matured which resulted in a 4AB embryo. One of the REs wanted to freeze the embryos, but I wanted to do a fresh transfer because my lining was perfect for the first time since the D&C. I opted to have my 2 fresh 4AA embryos placed which resulted in a BFP with twins! I continued to do communal acupuncture 2-3 times a week through the first trimester.

The pregnancy and birth were smooth. My twins are beautiful! My husband and I are completely in love! I'm so grateful to be here! I feel as though I hit the fertility jackpot after so many years of struggling to get pregnant. During my fertility journey, I have discovered that our medical community knows very little about women's reproductive health. Dr. Yelian from the beginning told me that he thought egg quality and high FSH didn't have a correlation. He knew much more about women's reproductive health than anyone else I've been to. I'm still stunned that we were able to retrieve 3 eggs in 1 cycle through natural IVF and only1 egg through conventional. I'm still stunned I got pregnant on the cycle my FSH was 35. Quite honestly, I'm still stunned that I actually got pregnant, and with twins no less. I continue to pinch myself daily. I'm so grateful to Dr. Yelian for never denying a patient, to LIFE's incredible embryologists, to my acupuncturists that worked on me for 6 months that I believed helped improve my egg quality. My husband and I wouldn't be here without LIFE!

I just wanted to share our joy with Dr. Yelian and the wonderful staff at Life IVF Center! Our beautiful little miracle baby, carried by my surrogate, came early at 32 weeks. She was supposed to come out via scheduled c-section but my surrogate got early contractions starting the 30th week, and was hospitalized and then gave birth on the 32nd week. My surrogate was on low dose prednisone starting the 10th week of her pregnancy due to severe hives which caused her to be hospitalized in the first trimester.

Our baby girl was born on 5/4 and weighed 3 pounds and 11 oz, and 37 cm in length. Healthy overall. My surrogate was also recovering well.

My husband and I would like to thank all of you, most especially Dr. Yelian, for making parenthood possible for us after 7 long years. Just one year ago, we were on the verge of losing hope in this journey wondering if we will ever have any good embryos after 4 failed conventional IVFs. We are so glad that Dr. Yelian insisted for us not to give up. Now we are so in love with our little bundle of joy and we have Dr. Yelian and everyone at Life IVF to thank for this. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!! 🙂

Being a patient at Life IVF Center has been life-changing for my family. As someone who got married late in life, our biggest desire was to just have a child of our own. We tried many different ways to get pregnant but failed each time.

When we walked into that red building, I had a feeling of great hope. The staff was friendly and J was the first one to help us with our forms. Even when it gets really busy, they are never rude and tries their best to help. Our personal favorite is Stacy.

For our initial consultation, Dr. Yelian was approachable, knowledgeable, and confident. Even as we explained our situation to him, he understood what was involved and gave us a comprehensive overview of what the clinic offered and the best option for us. There was no pressure to choose a particular treatment, just guidance and explanation of the processes. I was most impressed with his emphasis on the health of the mother and baby, which is why he stresses transferring only one embryo, two at the most. He puts more emphasis on quality, not necessarily quantity of the embryos. I can sense his earnestness when he told us stories and expressed sadness when mothers deliver low-birth weight twins. He was sincere and straightforward with what he can offer. Dr. Yelian gave us hope when we were looking for one, so we signed on for our first IVF treatment with him.

To make a long story short, we opted for the minimal stimulation IVF and had 6 eggs total, all of them fertilized. A good 5 of them made it to the blastocyst stage, some 4AA and 4AB. We have to give kudos to Molly, the embryologist. She calls herself the embryo-sitter, but she is more than that. She does an amazing job with ICSI and we are grateful to her! We transferred two embryos for our first cycle, and we got pregnant with a singleton!

The first ten weeks of ultrasound monitoring, weekly treatment plans, and follow-ups led us to "graduate" with flying colors, and the pregnancy was smooth until delivery. This all happened two years ago, and I now have a happy and active toddler! The other three blastocysts did not become embryos, sadly, and we wished we did PGS early on.

Because of our first experience, we decided to go back for a second round of minimal stimulation, hoping for a second baby. Our time at Life IVF Center was always shaped by the relationships we formed with the staff there, and this time was no different. Besides Dr. Yelian and his encouragement to "go for it," we found warmth and helpfulness all-around in the clinic.

Jonathan from billing was helpful in accommodating our financial situation. Blood tests were done regularly so I got to know Courtney and Jenny quite well. Kim and Diana are wonderful ultrasound technicians. Miyuki and Julie are awesome nurses, always kind and helpful. We couldn't have been happier with how we were treated. Long story short, we got pregnant with our second! We will always remember our experience with Life IVF Center and grateful to the doctors and staff for literally giving life to our hope!

I know that everyone will have different experiences, as is the case anywhere. But if there is one rule of thumb I follow, it is to open ourselves to all the positives that life can offer, and it will come right back. Don't be afraid to hope. The worst that can happen is the opportunity to hope again.

I have always had good care at Life IVF Center, and I have been going there for over three years. I have had great success with them. I have had a daughter with them, and I have two more on the way.

I went to a couple of other places, and they immediately turned me away. They wouldn't even consider me because I'm 44 years old. Dr. Yelian didn't turn me away. He was willing to work with me and we have had great success. Dr. Yelian provided great care, and his staff is awesome. The ultrasound technician was amazing. She was so nice and sweet, and she remembered me from when I had my daughter, who is 16 months old now. A lot of them remember me since I've been there for a few years, and they are always really nice. The people in finance are really good as well.

I can tell you from the other places I contacted and interviewed with that Life IVF Center is probably the best out there for both price and care. It is definitely worth the money and I would recommend them to anybody. In fact, I already recommended them to a friend of ours who is pregnant with her son.